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I've been binging on Harry Potter fanfic lately. Ever since I read "Amends, or Truth and Reconciliation" (and am dying for the last few chapters to come out...) I keep reading more.

I discover that I very much dig the Draco/[$Gryffindor] pairings--Hermione, Harry, Neville, all of them at once (oh yes, yes please). So I'm flipping through AO3 looking for such, and devouring it. But I don't want just hatesex, unless a romance develops out of it.

And it now occurs to me that there's some kind of thread there: I love Brand too. Played a long Amber game where he and Fiona had a lifelong romance, split up by a few decades of betrayal during which she married Mandor, and eventually the three of them ended up as a vee-triad.

Beautiful conniving arrogant sons-of-bitches the both of them (Mandor too, now that I think of it), and I refuse to believe there's not a heart somewhere under all that. ;-P

PS [ profile] tryslora, several of your fics are included in the above...
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Yesterday afternoon, just before I would have left work, [ profile] jilly_bear sent me an email telling me that Jim Butcher would be appearing that night! at a B&N in St. Peters. In less than an hour, we had arranged to go and drag along some friends. (Rivendell Gang, Scott, Becky & Woof)

It rocked. He answered questions for about 45-50 minutes--he tells good stories (Has your German Shepherd ever saved your child from a bear? My Bichon Frise has!)--and then signed a big bunch of books. Chris got his wizard staff signed.

I was so proud of myself! I had a topic of conversation in mind for when I arrived at his table and I actually remembered it! (Amber. He mentions Zelazny and Amber in the author's note at the end of White Night. So I asked about it and he's played both AmberMUSH (now defunct) and the ADRPG--he told me it got him an in with [ profile] arcaedia his agent, and I said, oh yeah, I know her too. From Ambercons.)

A few more tidbits. I asked, during the Q&A, when we'd find out what happens to Fidelacchius. He said he intends to put that in the next book, which has the working title "Small Favors". (But he had also mentioned previously how books sometimes get away from the author.) And he told someone who asked that he had never been to Chicago until about two books ago. It's all research and local informants, and making stuff up. The reason the books are set in Chicago is this: He had wanted to put them in Kansas City, but Laurell Hamilton had just recently gained attention and the powers that be felt two books of similar genre both set in Missouri was too much. So he looked at a globe in his writing teacher's office, and there were three cities marked on the US. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. "When you don't know the answer on a multiple choice test, always choose B."

We went out to eat afterwards at Waffle House (last of the big spenders, us...but with Chris out of work it's about our limit). Rosa and I got up after eating and spontaneously danced in the aisle for a few minutes. She said today that it was the best thing about yesterday. *big mommy smile*
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Slot 1: "Amber Fables" ([ profile] corwin77)
Slot 2: "Random Happenings"
Slot 3: "Nine Rednecks In Amber"
Slot 4: "Other Side of the Rainbow"
Slot 5: "Traveling the Black Road: Late Harvest" ([ profile] simonepdx)
Slot 6: "Stairway Perilous!" ([ profile] arrefmak)
Slot 7: "Fables: Hide and Seek"
Slot 8: "Dude! Road Trip!" ([ profile] corwin77)


Jun. 20th, 2006 04:35 pm
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*bounce bounce bounce* I'm registered for ACNW 2006!!!

All I have to do is send Simone a check, request the time off, and book
air tickets.

And see if I can manage to get ahold of Christine and find out if she's
(or will be) still in Portland, and whether she's free for me to visit
her before or after.
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I was looking forward to seeing Christine tonight: she called yesterday to ask me for help with her Palm Pilot (it didn't want to communicate with the PC), and I said I'd come over and look into it. She just called to say that Kirk has fixed the problem, and she's really too busy to just hang out and talk. So I have decided to stay away from the computer tonight until late, and go out shopping and to see Lord of the Rings again. I want to see the Two Towers trailer.

I am going to try to wean myself from Wednesday night gaming permanently. I had so much more time to accomplish things when I was not playing three nights a week. I feel like all my free time (and some that really isn't very free) is going to gaming. While I really love it, I just can't afford to tie myself up so much.
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Slot 1:
1. The Coming Disaster (a game set on my birthday? How could I pass *that up?)
2. Much Ado About Benedict
3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 3: Tir Raker

Slot 2:
1. The Year the Great War Came Upon Us All
2. To 'Scape the Serpent's Tongue
3. Shadowscape

Slot 3:
1. The Fifth Element
2. Point of No Return
3. The Past Is Prologue

Slot 4:
1. Welcome to Hogwarts
2. Amber in Love
3. Amber: Rose Red

Slot 5:
1. Once Upon an Amber
2. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 4: The Man with the Golden Sword
3. A Crystal Silence
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Yes, I use the name for a reason. :-) It was about ten years ago that I ordered the two-volume Chronicles of Amber from the SFBC as one of my initial book selections. I read them and fell in love, and bought each new Merlin book as it was published. I remember every time I went into a bookstore I'd go straight for the Z section in hopes of finding a new Amber book. It wasn't long before I was casting around for an online handle to use, and settled on "Fiona" as my favorite of the characters from my favorite books. Years later, when I finally got online again, I remembered my old handle and resurrected it. Shortly after, I received an email from Elissa: "Hi, you're my mommy!" and we started roleplaying random scenes. Eventually a group formed and began playing an organized campaign, which has now been going on for five years. Over those five years, I have started using "Fiona" as my name in more and more contexts. At this point only people at work and people who have known me longer than about three years call me anything else.
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Wheee! Just booked my room for The Black Road. Not that I have air tickets yet, but one thing at a time, eh?
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I hit the Sleep-Dep wall at about 10:30 last night, and crashed. I left Amber Nights early. This never happens!

Yes, I am an addict. After eight Amber games in four days, I get home and what do I do? Game some more. :-)

Slept like a pile of bricks until I woke around seven to the sound of a small voice saying "Mommy! Where are you?" "I'm in my room, Rosa." "Mommy, where are you?" "In bed, Rosa, come to mommy's room." And a rather smelly toddler climbed into bed with me for a few minutes' snuggle. She got bored, and went to look out the window. "Look mommy, it snowed!" And so it had. The ground was covered with a couple of inches of wet gloppy snow. It's quickly turning to slush, now.

I still owe a report on the last three games.

Slot 6: The Doom that Came to Amber, by Bolthy. I played Llewella Marsh, silent film star, as an Opener. She made an alliance with Random Flaumel almost immediately, and cemented it with a night of sex. He had no particular preference but joined her side; they then forged an alliance with Bleys and Fiona West of the Tir na'Nogth Asylum. Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly, until Fiona turned out to have been doublecrossing us. She was a Closer. Oh well. I had a marvelous time playing cagey and trying to get information out of people without giving any away.

Slot 7: And He Called for His Fiddlers Three, by Sarah Bear. Another talky game (my favorite kind). We actually spent well over an hour on a series of conversations about philosophy and ethics: should my character Marcella destroy shadow beings to avenge her foster parents? By the end of the game she had finally taken in the fact that she was indeed nearly immortal and by the standards she'd known, more than powerful.

Slot 8: Weirmoomin, also by Sarah Bear. Absurd heights of silliness and vulgarity. I was by far the quietest person in the game, but that's alright. I laughed harder than I have in weeks, and my face ached afterwards. Yet another of my characters got laid. It seemed to be against his will, but he was pretending. He liked it that way. Oberon the submissive. It explains so much.
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Pondering sending emails to "other Fiona" and "cute and femmy daughter of Bleys"...Know who played the latter but not sure who the former was. Must use magic secret decoder ring and try to figure out. V. stupid not to get email addresses when I had the chance.

This was the Ambercon of allusions to the Very Secret Diaries and also of monkeys. Though monkeys only showed up in two of my games, they apparently followed several other players throughout the con. Hm. Are constant allusions to "monkey sex" better or worse than "tastes like salmon"?
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Mmmm. I'm having a marvelous time at Ambercon. Staying up far too late and getting up at the very last minute before the next game, but I'm not actually all that tired. dj and I seem to have gotten most of the way to a good and comfortable place and I'm very glad about that. Someone inquired Thursday night "Are you dating?" and I could answer in the negative quite peacefully.

Right now I've got a several-hour break before my next game: this was an eight-hour slot but the game only ran four hours. I'm really glad of that, since I don't otherwise have any free slots at all.

Games so far:
dj's "The Hunt', which went very very well, surprising him I think. Despite having been in on parts of the game design, I did not know what was going to happen and enjoyed it as much as anyone. My character Merit Helgram's postgame fate isn't pretty: I think she ended up mindwiped by Oberon so completely that she lost even her name and is now known to history as Faiella. She finally got a little self-awareness back after Deirdre was born but it was only enough to let her commit suicide. This was the game in which we learned *why* Benedict has such a big chip on his shoulder, and why he has such an awareness of invisible assassins.

"Julian's Wedding", by Rain. The game in which the worst possible bloodcurse would have been "I curse you all to be straight." I played Merenue, who was very happy because she got to have sex with a cute and femmy redhead daughter of Bleys. The game was a ton of fun, but poor sweetly besotted Julian was left at the altar by his intended. It wasn't quite the carnage`that the guests were half-hoping for, but it was a good show nonetheless.

"Mementoes of Amber', by Jack G. Fun, complicated, and difficult. But we killed off the whiny brat Merlin. That is always a plus.

"What number are you?", a semi-LARP by Jack K. This one stands out for having had two Fionas, one of them me. We seemed to be on very much the same wavelength and it was highly entertaining rising to ever-greater heights of sarcasm.

''ShadowQuest", by Jeremy. I played Corwin's actor, Darren Buckingham, as the worst of William Shatner. Did almost nothing of consequence but got to be hailed as the savior of Amber anyway. Which was exactly as it should be.

Three more games to go..
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It's been in the air all day: that muggy electric feeling that means rain is coming. It was almost 75 degrees today. I came home from work and planted the purple rose (Lagerfeld) that I bought last Sunday, hoping I'd get finished before the rain arrived.

It's rather difficult digging a hole big enough for a rose with a four-inch garden trowel. (Ray took the shovels.) As it turned out, I not only finished the planting, I played an entire session of Amber Cold War before the thunder began, and it was another hour before the rain finally came. It is raining quite steadily now, though at first it seemed to move across the house in segments: heavy rain for a minute, then nothing for three or four minutes, then rain again.
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Whew. All this moving has taken a lot out of me. I went to bed last night at 8:30. I didn't think I'd be able to fall asleep, but although I woke up a few times during the night, looked around and saw that the world was still dark, and went back to sleep, I slept right through until 6:30 this morning. And I'm still tired. I could go right back to bed and sleep all day, I think. I might have to take another early night. Not tonight, though, it's the first time in weeks that we're going to play Amber Nights. Lila is anxious to get out of the corner of my head she's been hiding in.
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Slot 1: "The Hunt"
Slot 2: "Julian's Wedding"
Slot 3: "Mementos of Amber"
Slot 4: "Costume LARP: "Which Number Are You, Then?""
Slot 5: "Amber: The Musical -- KARAOAKE STYLE!"
Slot 6: "The Doom That Came to Amber"
Slot 7: "And He Called for his Fiddlers Three"
Slot 8: "Weirmoomin"
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Just booked my flight to Detroit for ACUS...It's getting close, now. In fact, now I come to think about it...shouldn't I be getting my game confirmations Real Soon Now?
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I just filled out my game selections for ACUS. It's a little disappointing that Liss can't make it...this will be my first Ambercon without her. Startling thought, that.

I still have to book air tickets. I'm not really interested in driving nine hours.

Yes, dj, I am putting some thought into your game. Wrote about it in morning pages today, even.
My game list )
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Paul asked me to play Aria tonight, because she was suddenly needed for a scene in ACW2. It had been years since I'd even seen Liss play her, but I think I did pretty well. ([ profile] devilmuse, I'll send you the log if you like, and you can pick holes in my characterization.) Paul thinks I did a good job. ::pats self on back::

I really enjoyed playing two characters at once. Made me feel a GM-ish urge again. I must get AE:R going again. Three months of dead time is pathetic.
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::grumble sigh:: Amber Cold War was cancelled tonight due to Paul's DSL failure. Only in the strange new world of the internet could 12 inches of snow in North Carolina ruin my fun here in St. Louis. And why couldn't the gods send some of that snow here, where I wanted it? I miss snow...heard today that in all of 2001 St. Louis received 2.5 inches of snow. This surprised me, because we had quite a bit last winter, until I remembered that all 15 inches of it fell in early- to mid-December 2000.

Jen needed the game even worse than I do. They're making her go in for more tests instead of doing the surgery she needs.


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