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May. 19th, 2017 12:08 pm
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Last week AJ invited me to a movie. "The Wall is playing at the Tivoli," he said. I said, "sure, why not," figuring it had been 25 years since I saw The Wall and I was pretty drunk at the time and barely remember it.

Last night we arrived at the theater, and the poster showed The Wall. Not quite the same thing at all. I was half glad I hadn't mentioned my thoughts out loud, for fear of sounding like an idiot, and half wished I had, so that we would have actually figured out we were talking about different movies.

We did watch it, though. It was a very bare-bones film, just one location and three characters, one of whom we never actually see. A psychological thriller viewed through the eyes of one man. My comment at the end was that despite the wide open desert of the set, it was oddly claustrophobic.

(Wow, there are some WEIRD reviews on that imdb listing.)

Last night was AJ's and my first ever actual sleepover--and all we did was sleep. Figures.

And now I need to locate my Pink Floyd CD's.
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Went bowling with AJ tonight. As expected, I did very badly. 36, 78, 46, 65 in four games.

But a funny thing happened. In the lane next to us, there was a kid bowling by himself. (The automatic scoring machine says he bowled a total of 130 frames. My arm was dying after three games, I can't imagine playing 13.) Anyway, his mom showed up after a while. At one point, after AJ hugged me when I made a strike and then stepped away to get a drink, the kid's mom asked me "Is that your son?"

"No, he's my boyfriend." Dangers of dating younger men. He's 31. I just turned 49.

"Oh. I was hoping my son would hug me like that when he grows up."
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Everyone already knows what a shitty year 2016 was for the US. I feel no need to reiterate that. There are public lists of good things that happened for the world. Here are a couple:

It sucked in some personal ways, too, and I feel no need to reiterate those, either, so instead I'm going to list some good things that happened to me personally in 2016.

January and continuing:
I joined Charis (the St Louis Women's Chorus)

Charis concert

Family vacation at the Michigan cabin sans Internet and cell service

My sister got married
I reconnected with a very old friend
Rosa and I had a wonderful vacation (San Francisco!)
Christine spent a week with me

I started taking Zoloft and my mood improved almost immediately
I met a New Guy (and we're still dating)

Chris and Tammie and I got engaged!!!! (You heard it here first)
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So as I mentioned, I just got a prescription for anti-depressants. The SAME DAY I took the first one, Chris and I went to the monthly poly meetup group. I've missed a few lately, partly because it's on Thursday and Claudia and I traditionally go out on Thursdays, partly from general malaise.

It was a small group, me and Chris and three new people I hadn't met before. We all had a good conversation, a bit of plausibly-deniable flirting, and all Facebook-friended one another. After I got home, one of the two guys--his name's AJ--messaged me and we had a conversation over Messenger, which culminated in "Would you like to go out for coffee sometime?" A bit of calendar massaging and waiting for Tammie to get home from her business trip for check-in later, we had arranged to meet Monday (ie, yesterday).

Yesterday turned out to be A Day. First Chris killed the battery in his car by pumping up the tires running the compressor off the battery without starting the car, so he took mine to work since I had Work At Home Day. Around lunchtime, I went out to check whether the car would start (it did) and to run over to the furnace installers to make a deposit (soon we shall have WARMZ in our house! The boiler died last March and Winter Is Coming...)

I ran my errands with no problems, but after returning I thought I'd make sure the battery was fully charged, so I left the car running and went inside to make myself some lunch. It was a gorgeous day; I took lunch out to the backyard and sat down to eat it. Ewww, that's a really nasty smell. Look up, see smoke emanating from under the hood of the car. That's not good. Of course I immediately shut the car off and opened the hood. It kept smoking and stinking for a good little while after.

Call AAA for a tow to our friendly neighborhood auto repair shop. Ride there with the tow truck to talk to the shop manager (don't ask me why I didn't think to just call him and let him know the car was coming). Walk home from the shop. Proceed to trip over a couple of steel cables that were stretched across the sidewalk by some careless roofers. Injure nothing in particular except my dignity and a small scrape on my left hand, so shrug and move on.

Message AJ to tell him we needed to change the plan to something I can walk to, because I have no car available. We ended up at a nearby restaurant, had a nice dinner and a lot of conversation. Arranged a second date next week. And the weird what-do-we-now dance at the end (do we shake hands/hug/kiss/what?) resolved with me hugging him.

Car is fixed and retrieved (it was the cooling fan system that went blooey, so the car overheated and melted a PCV hose as well). $850. Well, at least I had the cash available, even if it was slated elsewhere.


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