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It's been a rough summer. I know I said that recently, but what is hopefully the last wallop from my summer of hell arrived this week. Alicia and I have broken up. Not unexpected, not the wrong thing for us, but still hurts like bloody hell.

We intend to remain friends in the long term but for now are taking a break from watching each other's LJ and FB posts and from communication in general. My own plan is to revisit that choice sometime in the new year and see whether I'm ready to reconnect with her. I would ask that those of you who know both of us please don't feel you need to take sides, and please don't share information about her with me. Yes, those pronouns are in the right order. I'm trying to protect my aching heart, and hearing what she's up to will hurt for a while. When I'm ready, I will ask her myself.

Support and love are welcome, but I am turning off comments on this post because I do not want a public conversation about this.
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Yesterday, while poking about AO3 reading new fic, I found one that really felt like a message from the universe.

Title: Make Me a Headline (I Want to Be That Bold)
Author: Anonymous for now (part of the anonymous Dracotops_Harry fest)
Word Count: 31K
Chapters: 6

Later chapters--probably starting around chapter 3--find Draco using his fear of [some action] as an indicator that he should do that exact thing. And what do you know, that is exactly what I am feeling led to do as well. Afraid to open up and be vulnerable in places like here? Time to do that thing. Afraid to go to the EarthFire Beltane ritual on Saturday? Guess what.

Also, back on the fic rec part of this post, it's a lovely piece of writing with one of my favorite tropes: a rekindled romance after many years of separation where both are independently yearning for each other. [ profile] mac_arthur_park will know why that is. *blows kisses in the direction of North Carolina* Countdown = EIGHT!

I also enjoyed the friendship portrayed between Draco, Blaise and Pansy.


Jul. 28th, 2014 08:18 am
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Just dropped off my darling Alicia at the airport after another lovely weekend together, and now I'm enjoying the bittersweetness of a long-distance relationship. No really, that's not sarcasm. The slight melancholy is thoroughly mixed with happy memories and love.

On Saturday we went to a drag show. This one featured performers who sing rather than lipsync, to the extent that when the hostess lipsynced a song, she told us it was the first time she had ever done that on stage. Not quite all the performers were drag queens. One of the others was a boylesque performer called Jewcy James, who might have been yoinked directly out of our fantasies. Shoulder length straight dark hair, a beaky nose, very nice body...Yum. So the next day, my imagination decided to dress him in black robes and give him a wand. Still grinning over that one.
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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away!
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Now that she has it and the surprise won't be's the pretty thing I sent to my gorgeous girlfriend for our anniversary.

Al's ring
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Mom Taxi, day 2: Success.

Rosa's school abolished school bus service for this year due (ostensibly) to discipline problems on the buses. I'm not sure I believe that, since it seems like there should be some other recourse than to eliminate the service altogether, but whatever. In any case, she had been riding the bus to school for the last several years, but now she can't. Prior to that, I had been taking her to school in the morning, and Chris or Tammie would pick her up. But now, we only have two cars, and Tammie's working slightly later hours, so no one is available to do pick up.

We arranged a carpool. I drive Rosa and two other little girls to school in the morning, and the mom of one of them brings all three of them home. Started yesterday, and all has gone well both days so far.

And bonus! I get to work on time!


I HAZ TIKKIT! Long time of no seeing my [ profile] mac_arthur_park is near an end. It will have been just over three months. That is way too long and I miss her like mad. Soon now, my love.


I have been rereading _Ink and Steel_ (aka "Will and Kit's Excellent Adventure") by Elizabeth Bear. Unlike my usual reading behavior, it's taken me over a week and I still haven't finished it. I don't seem to want it to be over: I keep rereading the same pages to enjoy them again. Would really like to listen to it, but it's not available in audiobook. *sadface*
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At the Raleigh-Durham airport, heading home from a wonderful visit to my Alicia. We really are the luckiest girls in the world.

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I'm calling it NRRE. And I have it *bad*.
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Lazy morning snuggles with [ profile] mac_arthur_park, waffles-n-bacon made with love by [ profile] lavendargrrl, Kidlet in the corner with her computer, [ profile] ohari in the comfy chair talking to his is very very good.

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Today I am thankful for:

Smartphone with 3G and FB chat: private conversation with my girlfriend without passing over the office network or having to hide in a corner/meeting room/my car.
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Massage that didn't happen. I had a massage appt for 6:30, but when I showed up they said it had been cancelled and rescheduled for 2/11. I recalled, then, that no one had called to confirm it. None of us, however, had cancelled it, and I never make appointments for Mondays. I left, somewhat disgruntled, but after a few minutes regained some gruntle and called them back to cancel the 2/11 and make yet an appt for Sunday morning.

Polymunch @ Shameless Grounds. Ampersand earrings are a hit, and give me an excuse to schmoop about [ profile] mac_arthur_park to some people who hadn't heard about her yet. Not that I really needed an excuse, of course. *schmoop*

Pennie's BBQ. Enormous servings of meat; Sisuile's "Jumbo Rib Tips" was apparently referring to the size of the entree rather than the pieces of meat--or maybe both--and was a pile of meat about the size of a breadbox. Rosa and I split a full slab of baby back ribs, and unusually, she had leftovers and I ate my whole share. Apparently running 3.5 miles earlier in the evening had left me hungry. Food was good, though not my favorite BBQ sauce ever. Tammie found it way too sweet; I agree but I didn't find it so sweet as to be untasty.

Swimstrong 2013. Signed up a month or so ago for this charitable event: a one hour endurance swim. I made 2633 yards, which is nowhere near the distance that some others got (upwards of 4300!) but was pretty close to what I expected. I'd told them I thought I'd get about 2750; I might have, if I hadn't had to stop three times to adjust my cap and goggles.

Fuzzy's Tacos. [ profile] ona_tangent introduced me to this place and Saturday I took the family. Everyone enjoyed, so yay.

Last Saturday Strip. Bi erasure FTW. (Not.) The show is run by a bi woman, Charlotte Sumtimes, who comments every time that she's doing it for the LGBT community, for and by people of all sizes, genders and sexual orientations, and it generally lives up to that. But Saturday's show was produced by two of the drag queens in Charlotte's honor, and at one point one of them did a "roll call" of the audience: lesbians, gay men, straight people. And then she stopped, leaving me annoyed and unaccounted for. The show itself was also different from the usual, in that it was entirely burlesque babes stripping this month, several of them locally-famous performers who don't usually appear in LSS shows, with drag kings and queens doing an indifferently funny roast of Charlotte.

Kolache Factory. We had a groupon for Kolache Factory which was due to expire (today), so Chris had tried to go redeem it on Saturday, only they close at 2:00pm and he arrived too late. So I went yesterday instead, and collected four savory and eight fruit-filled kolache. Basically they're filled buns, and quite tasty too. The store has tables and coffee/beverage service, but I got mine to go.

And today
Barely awake, zoning out in front of the computer (as you do), I get a call from Tammie with a flat tire. Meet her at the repair shop, back home to work. I was planning to go to see Christine for lunch today and schmoop at her, but she was too tired due to her children not sleeping last night. I briefly thought I'd go see Rachel instead, but no car. So I made myself a BBQ quesadilla out of Friday's leftovers and am back here with my computer again.

So that was my last few days, interspersed with snuggles, TV watching, insufficient sleep, missing Alicia, and attempting to glare the calendar into submission.
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Let the userpic speak the thousand words that I cannot find to express how fantastic my weekend was.


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