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No one but another Java programmer is likely to understand this, but since one way I learn things for good is by writing them down, I'm doing it anyway.

The last three days I've been trying to figure out a NullPointerException when calling the constructor of a new class I'd made. "But there's no objects being accessed *on* that line other than the one I'm building!" I kept thinking. "Why isn't the debugger even *going* to the constructor?"

I've just finally figured it out. There was an object access on that line. A very sneaky one: I created the constructor to take an int primitive...and I was passing in an Integer object, relying on the automatic unboxing of primitive wrapper objects that has been part of Java since Java 5. And my Integer object...was null. Heh. I'd have gotten it in 1/2 second if the line throwing the NPE had read

     MyObject obj = new MyObject(someInteger.intValue());

but since it read

     MyObject obj = new MyObject(someInteger);

it went right past me. FOR DAYS.

I tried everything I could think of. I googled and read all the documents on constructors and NullPointerExceptions I could find, all of which were either oriented to beginners or specific to older versions of Java, I moved the class definition around in its containing class, and because I simply could not believe there was a problem I ran and reran the same error-filled code. BAH.

So now I know. And now you-all also know that even with over 10 years experience doing Java, I can still miss things.
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Just ordered a new debit card, to replace the one I that went missing three weeks ago. Cue the original one turning up in 3...2...1...
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I just opened my inbox after four days away to find 668 new messages. Filtered them, sending 359 to the spam folder. Then while trying to delete the spam, somehow I managed to also delete all the good stuff. I now show exactly one email message (and it's spam).


(This is to say, of course, that if you sent me any email in the last five days, please resend!)
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This is me, leaving work. Yes, it's ten minutes to midnight.

I went home at 5:30 knowing I had some stuff to get done before tomorrow
morning. I planned to use Remote Desktop Connection and take care of it
from home (borrowing the neighbors' WiFi) but when I tried to log in at
8:30, I discovered to my chagrin that I hadn't enabled RDC on my new PC.
So I had to run away back to the office.

First thing I did on getting here at 9:30? Enable RDC, of course.
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For two days I've been working with QA on getting a patch release out.
Everything looked fine in their testing except that a certain button
wouldn't enable on a screen. I knew that one of the fixes in the patch
addressed that particular problem, so I thought maybe that fix hadn't
made it into the patch. I checked and rechecked everything. Terry
checked and rechecked everything. We rebuilt the fix several times over.
Button still disabled.

Finally, this morning, I checked out a clean copy of all the software
that matched up with the patch so that I could run in debug mode. And
what do I find? There's a control code value that specifically disables
that button, and it's set. The display of this control code doesn't show
the value, only the description of the value, and I didn't recognize it
when we looked at it yesterday.
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Sunday morning. Ray's supposed to come and get Rosa at ten a.m. But
because we are going to breakfast down in the City, I call him and asked
if he'd like us to bring her to him instead. He says that'd be great,
but please get there before eleven because mass starts at eleven. I
confirm, "Between ten and eleven." Yes, that's right.

So, not surprisingly, our arrival at his house is much closer to eleven
than ten. 10:48, to be precise. I pull up into the street partially
blocking his driveway, on the not-illogical theory that he can't
possibly leave before us anyway. I have to honk my horn, though, because
he is backing his car out without looking.

When I get out of the car, he starts in on me right away. "I was going
to have to leave without you. You're very late. You should have been
here by about ten-thirty, you know mass starts at eleven." I point out
that if he meant ten-thirty he should have said ten-thirty.

Rosa is frightened by his anger and comes and clings to me. He pulls her
off me and tells her to get in the car. I tell him that she has a right
to hugs from Mommy.

I start to go get Rosa's medicine and his Father's Day present and card
that we arranged for him. "I don't have time for that." Tammie gets out
of the car with it all and brings it to him anyway. He thanks her

The girl has strep throat. At a minimum he needs the medicine, dammit!

At breakfast, later, [ profile] beckyzoole says, "You look tired." No,
pissed off is more like it.
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After spending all morning installing and running Ad-Aware, emailing Dana to find out that no, my domain doesn't expire until November (I hadn't thought it was even close!), etc, etc, I find that the problem
with seems to be localized to this LAN. [ profile] jilly_bear sees the same interloping page that I do. Chris suggested that the company might have blocked the domain and then this
thing is coming up in the place of the "blocked site" error. It seems as likely as anything else, although I can't see why the domain would be blocked. There's nothing offensive there!

On the other hand, gratuitous plug for [ profile] dissolvedgrrl's webhosting service: I can't imagine getting better personal assistance and immediate response when I had an apparent problem. Thank you Dana!
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Apparently, the universe has conspired to deliver me an unwanted
birthday present. I tried to go to my webmail this morning, and got a
splash page (not even liquidesign's home page) saying my domain had
expired as of today. It was there earlier this morning; I saw my
newly-uploaded pics over Chris's shoulder. I was just thinking they
might have been cached on his PC--and they still might--but I did the
upload from here at work, not his laptop, and I don't think anyone at
home got online after I'd done it last night.
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Tomorrow morning I get to rise at the crack of dawn, crawl out of the
Bed of Huge-itude and make my way to the city to meet a plumber at
7:30am. I just had plumbing work done at the City House last week, but
apparently it has gotten worse rather than better: there's a leak in the
upstairs shower that is producing so much water you can bathe in the
downstairs closet. I theorize that fixing the one leaky pipe caused a
different weak spot to burst with the added pressure. Whatever it is, it
may be that I'll have to have the floor torn out in order to fix the
problem. And I already know I have to redo the floor to the downstairs
bathroom due to a leaky commode having destroyed the floor beneath.
Maybe I should just remodel both damn bathrooms one after the other and
get it over with.

Hello, mortgage lender, can I get a home equity loan please?
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"You came in late."

I did not, I was here at nine o'clock precisely and I went to see Kathy.

Well, at least he asked me first and seems to have taken my word for it.

EDIT: Betcha he goes and asks her.
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It sucks to be paranoid. I arrived on time today, but instead of going
to my desk I went directly to confer with a colleague about some program
changes I have in the works, so I didn't get to my desk until 9:30. Now
I'm afraid that the boss is going to take that as tardiness and fulfill
his threat of writing me up again. I can't do my job chained to the
desk, but I feel like even if I'm in the building doing work, if he
hasn't seen me he'll assume I'm just late.
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Now the damn reservation has been changed back to 4/18 without my confirmation that I wanted to do so! They thought I'd already confirmed the change. I thought they were waiting for me to call back. So of course they still have to send me the new tickets, because I didn't send back the old ones, and they won't do it until they receive them. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!

I'm not sure whether to laugh ruefully or cry or scream at this point.
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I have internet billpay, and I set up several bills with scheduled payments. I've just discovered that the cable company changed my account number when I moved, and all the payments I've made in the last three months have gone to the old account. They are dunning me for overdue bills on the new account, while I have a credit on the old one. ACCOUNT NUMBERS SHOULDN'T CHANGE FOR THE SAME PERSON!
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This trip has been nothing but an adventure already, and I haven't even gone yet! I just discovered that my tickets somehow got booked for 4/24-26, when I am sure I booked 4/18-20. I'm on the phone with travelocity trying to get them changed.
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Note to self: Do not delete bunches of files without looking at them individually when you haven't had any sleep in the last 24 hours, and not much for the four preceding days. You will delete something irrecoverable.
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Server Busy
The server is temporarily too busy to process your request. Please try again later.

I read my email on AOLAnywhere, and usually when I get this message a simple "refresh" will bring up the page. Not right now. I've gotten that message for five minutes straight.
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I forgot about the home inspection appointment this morning. Second time now, too.


Mar. 4th, 2002 08:22 pm
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The chair just flipped over with me and Rosa in it. All I did was push it backward a little bit, and it has wheels. That should not have happened. Rosa yelled a lot, though she really wasn't hurt: she stayed totally on top of me. I wasn't hurt either, for that matter, though I did get a tiny scrape on my ankle from the corner of the desk.

I do hope that wasn't a malicious spirit...
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Something changed on my work computer since yesterday and now I can't run AIMExpress or AIM Quick Buddy. Sorry friends, I may no longer be able to IM from work. :-(

It keeps telling me I don't have Java enabled, which is bullshit, because I've got Java programs running locally all over the place. I think it's something to do with the fact that I had to install Java 1.4 for my new work assignments, and Java on the 'net is usually 1.0 or 1.1. But it keeps trying to download the Microsoft virtual machine, even though it's already supposedly active, and then telling me I have security set too high to run ActiveX controls, which is also not true.

::sigh:: No applets work. None at all. Now how am I going to entertain myself when I get bored with working?

Not that I'll have a lot of time to be bored, because I'm starting a brand-new project doing Java development, and I have absolutely no experience with Java beyond a summer school class.


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