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Went bowling with AJ tonight. As expected, I did very badly. 36, 78, 46, 65 in four games.

But a funny thing happened. In the lane next to us, there was a kid bowling by himself. (The automatic scoring machine says he bowled a total of 130 frames. My arm was dying after three games, I can't imagine playing 13.) Anyway, his mom showed up after a while. At one point, after AJ hugged me when I made a strike and then stepped away to get a drink, the kid's mom asked me "Is that your son?"

"No, he's my boyfriend." Dangers of dating younger men. He's 31. I just turned 49.

"Oh. I was hoping my son would hug me like that when he grows up."
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We bought a Wii this year, and [ profile] ohari and I have been playing it quite a bit. Mostly we play the Wii Sports Bowling. Now, I'm one of the world's worst bowlers in real life, feeling quite accomplished if I can score above 70. Typically my scores range between 55 and 80. Once in a while I'll hit a strike, mostly by accident, but I've never piled up more than one of them.

One night about a week ago, I had four strikes in a row in Wii Bowling, for a final score of 178, and Sunday night I topped that with a score of 197. (Only a couple doubles, no turkeys on that one, and it was followed by a 119. Still...) These are scores I would kill for in real life. Has anyone found that getting good at Wii Bowling translates to improvements at the RL lanes?

Obviously the weight of the ball is absent, for both good and ill: good in that your arms don't tire as quickly, ill in that your arms don't gain strength from continued bowling and in that all the virtual balls appear to be the same weight, so there's no added power from the weight of the ball.

Also, while I suppose you could do the lane approach with Wii, we don't have room. And of course the lane approach is something I struggle with every time. My steps are never the same length twice.


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