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Everyone already knows what a shitty year 2016 was for the US. I feel no need to reiterate that. There are public lists of good things that happened for the world. Here are a couple:

It sucked in some personal ways, too, and I feel no need to reiterate those, either, so instead I'm going to list some good things that happened to me personally in 2016.

January and continuing:
I joined Charis (the St Louis Women's Chorus)

Charis concert

Family vacation at the Michigan cabin sans Internet and cell service

My sister got married
I reconnected with a very old friend
Rosa and I had a wonderful vacation (San Francisco!)
Christine spent a week with me

I started taking Zoloft and my mood improved almost immediately
I met a New Guy (and we're still dating)

Chris and Tammie and I got engaged!!!! (You heard it here first)
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I was going to copy my morning pages into my journal today, because it was mostly taken up with a dream I had this morning, but on reflection I've decided not to. I will comment on one thing about it. There were a number of people I know and have known in real life in this dream: a couple of coworkers, some of my presentday friends, and Britton, a boy on whom I had a longterm crush fifteen years ago.

I haven't even thought about him in quite some time, though I can remember having a dream about a year ago about contacting him. I went so far at that time as to look him up at, and found what might have been his phone number: a listing in San Francisco. The fact that when I knew him he lived in South Carolina doesn't mean that isn't him. He majored in East Asian studies; SC wouldn't be the ideal place for working in that field.

I never did any thing with the number, though. I am so different now from the girl that I was, and it was an unrequited crush anyway, though we were good friends. I think there would be no point in it. If he'd had an email address I might have tried an email, but I won't call. I'm phone-phobic at the best of times anyway: it takes quite a bit of effort just to call people I'm really close to in the present, let alone unrequited old flames of the person I once was.

We met on a teen missions trip to Spain. I can't even imagine myself wanting to do such a thing now, nor them wanting me, either. Britton gets the credit for my love affair with Japanese. I first got interested in it because he was--we spent a lot of evenings in Spain talking about Japanese, oddly enough--but I later came to love it for itself.

Interestingly, in the dream he was much more like me now: I distinctly remember the word "fucking" coming from him. That would not have happened, then.


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