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For my birthday, my lovely loves got us tickets to a stage production of Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman's TV miniseries/novel (now also available in a graphic novel adaptation). In Chicago!

Saturday was the day of the show, and we made a weekend of it.

Friday just after noon we left STL, foster kitty in tow, for Chicago. Kitty was not too thrilled to be travelling, but she calmed down about halfway there. We planned to meet my parents at 7 at a restaurant that Tammie used to frequent when she lived in Chicago, The Lucky Platter in Evanston. Mom & Dad came down from Wisconsin and spent their day at the Shedd Aquarium and then drove to the restaurant. I got a call at 6 to say they were there...

"Yikes, that's early! We did say seven...and it looks like we may be late, traffic is being very ugly."

"We brought books, we'll just sit here and wait."

Traffic on I-55 northbound was horrific from south of Joliet all the way in. Our directions would have had us going north on Lake Shore Drive, but we bailed at I-294 after it took almost an hour to travel 20 miles. We finally arrived at Evanston about 7:10.

Meanwhile Mom had visited the Lucky Platter and felt that it was not passable for Dad's wheelchair. (They actually do have a ramp, it turns out, it's just you have to ring for someone to bring it out.) They suggested a different restaurant around the corner, the Firehouse Grill. Dinner was delicious prime rib for everybody except Chris (and the cat, who had to suffice herself with kibble in the van).

After dinner, the cat transfer was made, and Mom and Dad headed home. C&T and I went to our hotel, the Holiday Inn in Skokie. Our passage to the lobby was briefly impeded by an Indian wedding party. In fact we saw Indian wedding parties no less than five times over the two-and-a-half days; in one case a musical number broke out in the parking lot (saluting the bride and groom into their limo or something like that, maybe?) I don't know whether these were all different weddings or the same one, but the saris were lovely.

Saturday morning we went back to the Lucky Platter for breakfast. Delicious! Amusing kitsch and found-art decor (sculptures made of tin cans, chandeliers made of colanders, aluminum foil balls making a pattern on the ceiling...). The most surprising thing was the Gingered Fruit side dish: strawberries, green and red grapes, and pineapple all in ginger syrup with chopped red onions and fresh cilantro. It was amazingly good.


Then Tammie and I walked (and Chris drove) to the Close Knit yarn shop location from the Windy City Knitting Guild website. Along the way, we saw this sculpture in a park. Beyond it, a couple were taking pictures of small animals: guinea pigs! The piggies escaped a couple of times and had to be chased. By the way guinea pigs can lollop surprisingly fast, in case you were wondering.


Close Knit's space was deserted; I called their phone number and got a recording with a new address and directions (back to the main street we'd walked up and two blocks further north). On looking around a bit we did also find a small sign in the shop window next door with the new address. Waited for Chris to catch up and then walked the remaining few blocks to the new location. Found a ball of the Kidsilk Night color Macbeth (deep purple) that I had wanted but couldn't get when I was making the Eerie, so even though it was only one ball I bought it. And some other stuff of course.

After that we went back to the hotel to get ready for the show. Our plan had been to wear corsets and jeans, but it didn't entirely work out. Tammie decided to wear her steampunk vest and gaiters, while I wore her corset instead of mine. Chris wore his tux.

Arrived at the theater's parking lot just in time for the last shuttle (it was about 1/2 mile away) and got to our seats just as the show was about to start.

Neverwhere, the stage production
IT ROCKED. EVERY GAIMAN FAN SHOULD GO. There, that's a review for you. To use a few more words, Lifeline Theater in the Rogers Park neighborhood does an excellent adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere to the stage, as adapted by one of their very own. The minimal set works very well to evoke London Below within the small space, with sewer pipes, ladders and ducts that are climbed into and out of as the characters move about their world. Characters also enter and exit through the middle of the audience space. The dialog comes straight from the book in most cases, and all your favorite characters make an appearance, from RichardRichardMayhewDick and Door, natch, to the Rat Speakers.

We were the only ones who dressed up in quasi-costume for the show, though one man did pay tribute to Gaiman by wearing a Dream t-shirt.

This chair is in the theater lobby. Notice the shadow under Chris's feet!

Please be kind to the big chair: only two people and no food or drink

Saturday night
After the show, we had dinner with our friends-of-no-LJ Chris and Rob, whose wedding we attended last summer. We had planned to eat at the hotel's own Indian restaurant, but it turned out the restaurant was being remodeled so we decided to go to an Indian district and find something there. Parking was a nightmare, so I finally said a prayer to the Asphalt Fairy--and just as we were about to give up, a space appeared. The first restaurant we tried was very busy so we decided to try a different one. Dinner was tasty and the company as always was wonderful.

Then we all went back to the hotel to hang out and talk over Woodchuck and Red Stripe until midnight-thirty, when they regretfully had to leave for their hour's drive home.

Sunday morning we ate at Sander's Pancake House next door to the hotel (very tasty but not as memorable as the Lucky Platter) and then after checkout we went to Fuzzy Wuzzy yarn shop in Arlington Heights where we were able to catch up with [ profile] transplantmom and her family for a hug and a brief chat before they had to go home and we went to the mothership (IKEA for the uninitiated). IKEA was its usual self--we spent not too much money--and then we finally headed home about 3:30.

Cat report
Dad and kitty are settling in together. He reports that she is very affectionate, as I had told him--she loves to be brushed--and she is also very very talkative. They're not sure yet what she's talking about, or to whom (perhaps herself). He is probably going to call her Furbie-short-for-Furball. As god is my witness, I suggested four good names, as well as telling them we were getting the feeling she's a Maggie, but you can lead a horse to water, y'know? He says it has to be something they'll actually call her, and Furball certainly qualifies. I feel that's a nickname, and a cat should have a proper name, but...not my cat.
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When I arrived at the office this morning, all the way across the room I could see a group of balloons. Bet those are for me, I thought.

Sure enough...

When I got to my desk, I also found a bouquet of daisies (see new userpic) and a German chocolate cake. Amanda strikes again!

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Apologies for the blurry cellphone picture; my cell camera doesn't do macro mode.

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When I got to the car this morning, I noticed something odd.

I never use the key. I have no idea how long it may have been like that. But the car's interior was in exactly the same state of disarray I left it in, and the alarm had not been triggered.
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...with this dress. 'Scuse the crappy cellphone photograph with bad bathroom lighting, it's the best I can do with the resources at hand.

A delightful use of three dollars. It's long and flowy and swishy and chocolate brown, with brown leopard print gored inserts on the skirt.

Last week [ profile] lavendargrrl and I went to Rolla to meet up with [ profile] tammyg and the baby (baby baby baby nom nom nom!). We had our traditional sushi lunch at Kyoto Restaurant and then went to the Salvation Army thrift store. We had a grand time trying stuff on and we each got some new-to-us clothes.

I don't think I'm a very girly girl; I rarely-to-never wear makeup, I don't get into curling and blowdrying and teasing my hair, I don't shave my legs consistently, but oh I do love me my dresses, especially for summer. Sundresses, flippy little short dresses, long flowy swishy dresses, handkerchief hems, butterfly cap sleeves...
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I took these as I left the building this evening. I was not expecting anything worth while, given that I was using a cellphone camera, but I think they turned out surprisingly well.


Dec. 10th, 2007 09:33 am
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Yesterday, Ray called in a swivet. "What if Rosa's school is closed? What will we do?"

It wasn't. None of the predicted ice really affected our location or the school's. I did have some scraping of windows to do--less than I might have, thanks to [ profile] ohari and his pitcher of hot water--but otherwise my commute was mostly slow-but-normal. Until I crossed the Missouri, and suddenly everything is covered in a glaze of ice.

Some cellphone pictures from our parking lot:

More behind the cut )
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They're building an upscale shopping mall across from my office. This has been there since before the beginning of the build; it's now right in front of the new gate. The road to our place is currently detoured so I'm driving past it every day. I finally managed to get a cellphone picture.


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