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I've been wanting to write more double dactyls lately, but I'm completely failing to think of topics. Someone give me some ideas? Something from current events or entertainment news that deserves to be skewered in rhyme...
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Nosily posily
Homeland Security
Agents find terrorists
Too hard to hook;

Concentrate efforts on
Cameras, stickers and
Readers of books.

I've been trying and failing for weeks to come up with a double dactyl about Cheney's hunting accident "Pellet Surprise", so I leave it to you as a challenge.

In a second challenge: I can't find the story I meant to link on "books". A guy was reading a book in the airport with cover art of sticks of dynamite, and the airline refused to let him fly. He came back the next day with the latest Harry Potter, but they still wouldn't honor his ticket.
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Ilium nilium
King Agamemnon leaves
Troy's seashore empty of
All but a horse;

Too-trusting city's big
Error: it carries a
Slaughtering force.

(Thanks to [ profile] bbwoof for inspiring this particular hexasyllabic abomination.)
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Apparently I'm contagious. Here's some of the sites I used when I
first found the double-dactyl form.

(Google "double dactyl" to find lots more.)
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It's not my best work, but...

Rimini pimini
Naval recruiters now
Hire homosexuals, but
Still have some slots;

Specification re-
Quires the enlistment of
Masochists, sots.
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Original link:

Zippity zappity
Ob/gyns with MBA's
Fix hubby's sex life--your
Childbirth's his curse--

Laser resculpturing
Tightens your pussy and
Lightens your purse.
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(Wrote this at 3-something last night, but the LJ downtime prevented posting. Finally did fall asleep sometime, and then proceeded to oversleep. Gah. I should have left for work 1/2 hour ago, but I only just woke up. Still need shower, baby-waking, etc.)

  1. By the rising percentage of brattyness and smart-assitude.
  2. By her innuendo-strewn comments and posts.
  3. By the splorts and spit-takes left in her wake.
  4. By the double-dactylic mayhem.
  5. By her increased self-confidence.

Case in at least four out of five points, a pair of double-dactyls:

Pumpkiny plumpkiny
Repeated descriptions of
Sweet rolls and pies

Taunted her friends very
Trying successfully to
Garner a rise.

Slavering Havering
Friends of Fiona are
Thoroughly tantalized;
One after one's

Posted a comment that
Admired her lovely hot
Cinnamon buns.

No rule that I know of against making them with my own name...
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Nibbly Wibbly
Hannibal, cannibal,
Found after dinner his
Waistcoat had bulged;

Told the remains of his
"Doctor, I fear I have

Double D

Oct. 26th, 2002 12:55 pm
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Original link:

Nodular globular
Pamela Anderson's
Silicone implants had
Started to leak.

Doctors performing a
Quickly deflated her
Special mystique.
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I don't mean to steal your idea, but it was such a damn good word! I'm sure you can come up with another completely different one.

"Hornily thornily
Dear Dr Dotson, just
Please please assure me I'm
Utterly straight?"

"Daily indulging in
Strengthens your back but in-
Hibits your gait."

(updated 10/26/02 11:33 for slight improvement in meter)

Daily news

Oct. 24th, 2002 11:09 pm
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Uppity downity
David Brancacchio,
Never confused by the
Stock market's woes,

Calmly articulates
Details of whether it
Sank or it rose.

Tralala lalala
Washington residents--
Snipers arrested--just
Bursting with glee,

Open their houses up,
Loudly proclaiming an
End to the spree.

Peanuts and crackerjack
Anaheim Angels, no
Longer the darlings of

Go to the Series im-
Proving their worth a con-
Sid'rable sum.
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Original link:

Riminy piminy
Semperfiona ex
perienced a strange sense of
Otherness when

Chalking a heart on the
Pavement and writing in
"Becky loves Jen"


Dibbety dabbety
Semperfiona re
painted her bedroom from
Carpet to eaves

Colours and glazes to
Give an impression of
Sunlight through leaves
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Higgledy piggledy
Brothers and sister, by
Julian's huntsmen so
Hotly pursued,

Fight down the staircase of
Rebma grants refuge, and
Corwin gets screwed.

Chapter 1

This one went through multiple iterations on a scrap of paper as I was driving home. Ever since I realized that "Faiella-Bionin" was a lovely double-dactyl hexasyllable I knew it was time to write the next installment. That and the fact that [ profile] dropandgiveme50's word of yesterday (contradistinction) was so painfully close to being a hexasyllable but I couldn't do anything with it, brought back the double-dactyl bug.

The poetry process... )
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I'm still fascinated by double dactyls. I've taken it into my head to do the Amber Chronicles in double dactyl form. Here's today's installment, written mostly on the way to the hike this morning, and tweaked a bit on my way home from [ profile] indigobynight's tonight.

Nine Princes in Amber, Chapter 1

Hickory dickory
Corwin, amnesiac,
Wakes up in hospital
Without his name,

Breaks out of Greenwood and
Shows up in Westchester
Back in the game.
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So...[ profile] mactavish is contagious. Ever since following the links in her post I've been playing with double dactyls all afternoon. Being who I am, I had to make one about Amber.

Patternfall Schmatternfall
Swayvill the Emperor,
Showing few brains and an
Excess of brawn,

Sneered at the Amberite
Conquerors calling them
Unicorn spawn.


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