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Radio silence for quite a while, and only books postings for a while longer yet. I had so intended to be more consistent with posting. Hah.

Well. In the last several months, I have
  • Read a few books. Not many; for whatever reason reading just hasn't been a thing I wanted to do. But.
    1. Fluke, Christopher Moore (audio)
    2. The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination, John Joseph Adams, ed (anthology, audio)
    3. Six Wakes, Mur Lafferty
    4. Full Fathom Five, Max Gladstone
    5. The Brightest Fell, Seanan McGuire (audio)
    6. Medea, Kerri Greenwood

  • Made a thing: The Evil Devil Child and the Perfect Gift, recorded for HP Podfic Fest 2017

  • Signed up for HD Owl Post 2017.

  • Had my picture taken for The Awakenings Project, a photo essay/book about women's empowerment. Part of the process is choosing a word to embody/invoke. I chose DAUNTLESS.
    Here are my photos: Profile and Full face

  • Sang at St Louis Pride with my CHARIS sisters, and rejoined for the fall 2017-spring 2018 season.

  • Replaced my venerable MacBookPro Zoe (built late 2008) with a slightly newer one. The other morning, Tammie said to me, "Zoe's under the sofa!" I pulled her out and turned on the screen to find that it had been crushed. Before I actually made it to the mac store to get an estimate for screen replacement, Rosa pointed out that the whole case was crushed and the DVD drive now looked like this: )| Obviously, replacing the screen wasn't going to cut it, so we decided to use my (conveniently-timed, as it turned out) annual bonus to buy a newer, non-crushed MacBook built mid-2012. Chris performed surgery to transplant the hard drive from Zoe's old body into her new one, and she lives again. Faster and shinier, but also smaller. Old case was a 15" screen, new one is 13".

  • Played a lot of Pokemon GO.

  • Attended Beer Choir three times. Which is more or less exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of people get together and drink beer and sing (songs about beer, mostly). It's a lot of fun.

  • That'll do to be going on with, anyway.


Mar. 9th, 2017 02:41 pm
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I finally joined Pottermore.

I sorted Gryffindor, my Patronus is a West Highland Terrier, and my wand is laurel and phoenix feather, 13 3/4", hard.

I am so not a West Highland Terrier it isn't even funny. I know, I know, Patronus doesn't necessarily express my personality.


Jun. 27th, 2016 02:11 pm
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My latest podfic has posted at hp-podfic-fest!


Jul. 6th, 2015 10:39 am
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My first fest, and I'm the very first post!
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Yesterday, while poking about AO3 reading new fic, I found one that really felt like a message from the universe.

Title: Make Me a Headline (I Want to Be That Bold)
Author: Anonymous for now (part of the anonymous Dracotops_Harry fest)
Word Count: 31K
Chapters: 6

Later chapters--probably starting around chapter 3--find Draco using his fear of [some action] as an indicator that he should do that exact thing. And what do you know, that is exactly what I am feeling led to do as well. Afraid to open up and be vulnerable in places like here? Time to do that thing. Afraid to go to the EarthFire Beltane ritual on Saturday? Guess what.

Also, back on the fic rec part of this post, it's a lovely piece of writing with one of my favorite tropes: a rekindled romance after many years of separation where both are independently yearning for each other. [ profile] mac_arthur_park will know why that is. *blows kisses in the direction of North Carolina* Countdown = EIGHT!

I also enjoyed the friendship portrayed between Draco, Blaise and Pansy.
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Sexy Drarry podfic, read by yours truly. May or may not satisfy one of my bingo squares, I'm not sure. I started the project before getting the card.
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Also, immediately after the Slytherin puddle conversation, Rosa told me, "You know there's going to be a new Harry Potter movie _Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them_?"

Appears to even be true: there are many articles in many legitimate news sources (for example here's an Entertainment Weekly post on the movie plans, as opposed to the big sad I had a few days ago when an April Fools post about an 8th HP book was recirculated and I was taken in.
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Today my Amber/HP crossover has acquired a new title and a second chapter (the original title belonged only to the first chapter).

Dragon of Chaos
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([ profile] tryslora, this might just be partly inspired by your fondness for Dara...)


Thirst. Crusty sore eyes. Wiping them you find your hands are gritty with sand. Struggle to stand, limp a few steps and fall again to hands and knees. Thirst. It seems it might never end. Reach for your wand; find it absent. "Aguamenti", you mutter anyway. Nothing happens. Repeat it again and again until you’re screaming your dry throat raw. No water fills your hands.

Oasis. There must be an oasis. Decide it, looking down at the sand you are nearly lying in. Close your eyes and insist on it. There is an oasis and I WILL get to it. Force yourself to stand and walk. No desert is going to kill a Malfoy, and if it does you will NOT die on your knees. You won’t give it the satisfaction.

And ten steps later there it is. A clear blue pool surrounded by lush trees and shrubs. You wade right into it, robes and all, and plunge your face into the water, drinking deeply.
Eventually you begin to wonder why there are no animals here, and immediately you hear a thundering of hooves. Maybe they’re not thirsty. Maybe they’re running from a lion...and a roar follows on the thought. Several roars. A whole pride of hunting lions. Lions make you think of Gryffindors, and like you conjured it a griffin flies overhead cawing raucously.

What is this place? How did I get here? Is it a place at all, or am I trapped in my mind by some curse?

You decide that whatever it is, it’s obviously responding to your desires, and decide firmly that you’ll be safe. The predators are busy with their natural prey, and have no interest in one slightly-battered wandless wizard.

Time to think, then, and remember.


Tile. Blood. Pain. Someone else's horrified screaming. And then black, empty, nothing.
An unknowable time later, you awoke in a soft bed with a girl your age looking down at you. Slim, freckled, short brown hair and green eyes, wearing a brown shirt and trousers rather than robes but somehow she doesn't look Muggle. She didn't quite look sixteen, either; those eyes were too knowing, too deep.

"Who are you?"

She turned it around. "My name is Dara. But the real question is, who are you?"

You scoffed. "I am Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius, son of Abraxas. My father sits at the right hand of the Dark Lord."

She scoffed right back. "I eat jumped up sorcerers like your Voldemort for breakfast. Try again."

Oh, shite and bugger. I've been captured by the other side, and they're idiots. Naming that name, arrogant little..."Potter, you're an idiot. He can hear you."

"I said, I eat jumped up sorcerers for breakfast, and my name is still Dara. I will tell *you* who you are. You're Narcissa Black's son, true enough, but your father is my stepson. You can call me Grandmother if you must, but I'd really rather you didn't. Makes me feel old."
She offered you a hand to help you out of bed, but you ignored it and stood up. Somehow it made you feel better that you were taller than she was.

"I don't believe a word of it." You looked around the room trying to find your wand. It was quietly lying on the table beside the bed, and you snatched it up. "Incarcerous!"

She smiled, and the conjured ropes fell away into flames that went out instantly. "I should tell you, as of right now, that I've decided your magic will no longer work here. I need you to listen to me." It was like a gray cloud just smothered something in your, that's not right. The cloud was outside you, somehow, but it cut you off all the same.

You stepped to the window, which looked out over ...a whirling disorienting mass of color and shine. The walls of the room you are in were just visible to the left and right, but there was nothing that looks like land. "Where AM I?" You were almost shrieking, you realize now.

She smiled again. "You're in the Ways of Sawall in the Courts of Chaos. You're a long way from home...or more accurately, you've finally come home."

You fainted.

When you woke again, you were back in the bed and there were two voices talking. You pretended you were still unconscious.

"Doesn't believe me, poor child." This was the same voice from before. Dara, you remind yourself.

"The Logrus will fix that right up." A male voice, cold and mocking.

"No excess of fatherly feeling, I see, Mandor."

"No point to it, if he can't survive the initiation."

Squinting carefully, you saw that the second voice belonged to a tall thin man dressed all in black and with yes, white-blond hair and aristocratic features. You squeezed your eyes closed again and wished you were back in the bathroom bleeding to death. It was too much, all too much.

The next thing you can remember, you were standing at a tunnel mouth and the thin man pushed you through it. There was darkness, there was terror, there was cold, there was anger, there was endless sand and heat.


This is the Logrus, then, whatever that is.

An answering presence somehow communicates a 'yes' without any words either aloud or in your mind.

What do I do?

Resignation, knowledge, peace, all flow into you, and suddenly you laugh out loud. Power. It's all you ever wanted, and now it is yours. Yes, you could eat Voldemort for breakfast. Or Potter, if that's your preference. No mere shadow sorcerer can stand against the unleashed true forces of Chaos.
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What happens when I binge on Harry/Draco fanfic and then Tammie wants to talk about Diarmuid of Fionavar before bed: I lie awake all night with this scene coming together and have to write it down. Maybe eventually the rest of the story that gets to this point will come along as well, but for now, here's the most fiction (of any sort, original or otherwise) that I have managed to write in years.

It's completely SFW, by the way.

Intercedent )
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I woke up with a totally cracky phrase in my head--no plot or anything to go with it, sadly--and I must inflict it on you.

Bill the Cat Weasley.
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I've been binging on Harry Potter fanfic lately. Ever since I read "Amends, or Truth and Reconciliation" (and am dying for the last few chapters to come out...) I keep reading more.

I discover that I very much dig the Draco/[$Gryffindor] pairings--Hermione, Harry, Neville, all of them at once (oh yes, yes please). So I'm flipping through AO3 looking for such, and devouring it. But I don't want just hatesex, unless a romance develops out of it.

And it now occurs to me that there's some kind of thread there: I love Brand too. Played a long Amber game where he and Fiona had a lifelong romance, split up by a few decades of betrayal during which she married Mandor, and eventually the three of them ended up as a vee-triad.

Beautiful conniving arrogant sons-of-bitches the both of them (Mandor too, now that I think of it), and I refuse to believe there's not a heart somewhere under all that. ;-P

PS [ profile] tryslora, several of your fics are included in the above...


Jul. 22nd, 2007 09:43 am
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I was too tired Friday night to go out to the bookstore and pick up my book, and having not had an opportunity to pick up a line ticket I knew it would be a long tiring night, so I decided to wait until Saturday morning. Got it around eleven, went to lunch and started reading while we waited for our pizza, then kept reading until I was finished about seven or so.

I have one word on the subject at the moment but I'll cut even that )
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First of December. Not the usual date for starting a journal, but maybe for that reason I'll actually stick to it. I usually peter out on traditional journals around the 15th of February after starting on New Year's.

Today I'm going car shopping, after the calamity of Thursday night/Friday morning (which maybe I'll repost here, but all my friends have already gotten in their email anyway).

Yesterday I woke up at 11:30 and spent the day at home, trying to work but not really getting anything significant done. Most of the useful things I actually did were talk to the insurance company and arrange for a rental car.

After I picked up the rental I went to the mall, was supposed to meet Christine and see Mullholland Drive again, but she decided she had to get up too early in the morning to go to a late-ish movie, and I went to see Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone again instead.

Gods I hate people who talk during movies. There was a group right behind me who had comments on almost every scene's fidelity (or lack thereof) to the book. "That wasn't supposed to happen until the third book," regarding Harry's glasses repair on the train. "It was supposed to be silver," regarding the invisibility cloak. I turned around and glared at them but they didn't seem to notice.

As for the invisibility cloak...I noted in this watching that it looked, when not in use, like the thing it had been used near. Looked like a tapestry in the Gryffindor common room, looked like a bookcase in the library, a window in the Mirror room.


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