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Since I'm deleting the content of my LJ rather than just deleting the whole journal, I'm rereading all my old entries. There are a lot of memories from prior years written down in 2002 that I don't even remember 15 years later; it's interesting to have the reminders come along. Also, my life was quite a rollercoaster back then. Also also, I just learned exactly how long I've had my current cellphone number: since August 8, 2002.
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It's been several years now that i haven't posted to LJ with anything like consistency. I think this month has a bumper crop of posts, at what, four?

I've just not really felt the desire to write at any length, and I somehow feel like that's what's expected here--at least, it's what I seem to expect of myself: whenever I go to post, that blank space just taunts me, and a one-line or two-line post feels silly, so I delete it without posting.

However, I started a tumblr at the beginning of the month, partly out of my longstanding habit of cybersquatting my preferred username on any widely-used website that comes up, and partly as a place to put links I wanted to come back to, a la the late lamented I've actually kept it up with something like consistency. There are two or three posts a day, all short. A link, a video, maybe a line of commentary, and that's it.

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