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Interesting. Since I deleted all but one sticky post from my livejournal, I've received two spam comments on the one remaining post. I think I could have counted on my fingers all the spam comments I ever received before, in sixteen years of having the journal.
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It's been several years now that i haven't posted to LJ with anything like consistency. I think this month has a bumper crop of posts, at what, four?

I've just not really felt the desire to write at any length, and I somehow feel like that's what's expected here--at least, it's what I seem to expect of myself: whenever I go to post, that blank space just taunts me, and a one-line or two-line post feels silly, so I delete it without posting.

However, I started a tumblr at the beginning of the month, partly out of my longstanding habit of cybersquatting my preferred username on any widely-used website that comes up, and partly as a place to put links I wanted to come back to, a la the late lamented I've actually kept it up with something like consistency. There are two or three posts a day, all short. A link, a video, maybe a line of commentary, and that's it.

Semperfiona finds ALL THE THINGS

Title subject to change, if I ever think of something better.
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I just moved all the posts from [ profile] fionas_knits into this journal, and attempted to delete [ profile] fionas_knits. Lo and behold, it deleted this one instead.

Obviously, I restored this journal. But what did I do wrong? I went to the account status page, I selected fionas_knits from the dropdown, and I selected delete from the other dropdown.

But I didn't click "switch"...

Gah. Crappy user interface, that one, especially since there is no confirmation dialog to state which journal is being deleted.
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Does anybody know whether LJ has a feature to show all *un*tagged posts?
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After LJ's big announcement of their new content-flagging scheme, I changed my journal settings to "Adult Concepts". I don't do explicit images, and any explicit or graphic text is way back in the archives, but I reserve my right to post such in the future, and to use such expletives as strike my fancy.

Yesterday, I wanted to read my syndicated feeds, but I didn't bother to log in. I've put them in a public filter for just that reason. Imagine my surprise when LJ popped up a warning box to make me verify that I'm over 14 years old. Explain to me why my friends page (or a filter thereof) should be flagged the same as my journal itself? Aren't these flags supposed to be journal-specific? I would have expected to see any or all of the feeds that weren't themselves flagged as adult. Same should apply to any public friends view.

I'm now expecting to have my journal disappear behind the company firewall as "adult content" due to the damned flagging, and am wondering whether to change the setting to avoid it. I do also have it set to "no searching", which may or may not also make a difference.

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For the record, I've edited my LJ Mojo post and removed the offensive image.
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Hee. [ profile] matociquala, you'll be tickled to learn that your LJ has
been blocked by our SonicWALL internet filter due to "mature/adult
content". That's a relatively new change. I read you every day; I don't
always click through to the comments page, though. My friends page is
still unblocked.

That's the second LJ I've come across that was; the other was [ profile] pfarley. Someone had linked to an entry on his LJ and I couldn't
view it from here.

I wonder why [ profile] bisexual and [ profile] polyamory--or my own LJ,
or the whole livejournal domain--aren't blocked. I theorize that it may
relate to whether a particular LJ is set to allow search indexing or
not. Of course, I at least haven't posted anything much in the way of
"mature content" recently.
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I think I might have figured out why email posting wasn't working for me today. We got notices that the return address domain was changing; it didn't occur to me until this evening that that might have caused my posts to be refused. All I knew was that neither of the ones I sent earlier had posted, so I updated via the web. I'm trying email again with the silliness I tried to post this afternoon.
Some smart-ass replies are just impossible to pass up.

Art> "What did you guys do with Joe?"

Me> "Killed him and ate him."
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Bleah. It tells me "cannot contact server", so I post the same thing again, with the same result. And when I look at my page, there it is, twice. (I deleted the spare, of course.)
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From my user info page: Journal entries: 203. That's in not quite three months. I guess I'm pretty talkative when left to my own devices.
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At 12:42 am EST on Friday, February 8th, Admin evan writes :
We're taking the site down for a few minutes to install a new kernel on Jesus.

Now I wait for the site to come back up so I can post this and add a line to my last post: I was in the middle of editing it when I got "cannot reach the server" and went to see what was up.
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Someone apparently deleted my mood icon set. Now I have to pick another.
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These are my favorites, in no particular order

  • Opiummm's Foxies

  • Blue Bobels

  • CharityCam's Stars

  • Neko's Kao Kitties

  • Candi's Kao Ani

  • Bruce's Dwaggins

  • Bruce's Pengies

I just changed to Candi's Kao Ani. They're cute.
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I'm getting a bit annoyed...the last three posts I've made refuse to show up on my journal page. I've seen two of them, but then they vanished again. The last one, just not appearing. So this is really a test more than anything, but I'll just leave it til tomorrow after this.


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