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Everyone already knows what a shitty year 2016 was for the US. I feel no need to reiterate that. There are public lists of good things that happened for the world. Here are a couple:

It sucked in some personal ways, too, and I feel no need to reiterate those, either, so instead I'm going to list some good things that happened to me personally in 2016.

January and continuing:
I joined Charis (the St Louis Women's Chorus)

Charis concert

Family vacation at the Michigan cabin sans Internet and cell service

My sister got married
I reconnected with a very old friend
Rosa and I had a wonderful vacation (San Francisco!)
Christine spent a week with me

I started taking Zoloft and my mood improved almost immediately
I met a New Guy (and we're still dating)

Chris and Tammie and I got engaged!!!! (You heard it here first)
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We have some crazy and wonderful friends. Yesterday, one of them blogged this, and ever since I had seen the post I wondered whether she was referring to us and our house. So we were sort of expecting to find something unusual in our house when we got home from Iowa today...

First thing we saw:

And up in Tammie's office:

So of course, she popped it:

The signed confession:


More photos
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What a difference a job makes! I came back to work yesterday after our holiday trip, and more than one person commented on the bounce in my voice. "You sound like you're about to sing me a song!"

I imported the music [ profile] eternaleponine sent, and I'm currently listening to it...It's very cool, hon, thank you!!! I like being exposed to new things, but haven't had the money to spend on whole albums of things I didn't know anything about. When I have listened to it a couple more times I'll be able to pick out the songs I like best and I might have to get a few more songs by those artists.

Last Saturday, as Chris and Tammie were packing the car for our trip, the new neighbors across the street called out, "Didn't we see you at the Jonathan Coulton concert? Weren't you wearing a Santa hat?"

200 people at the concert, and three of them are the new neighbors! There hasn't been time to properly get acquainted yet, but it's promising...

As for 2007...I haven't done a year in review post and probably won't, but it was a pretty sucky year all round and I'm glad to see the back of it.


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