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The kidlet and I went out to take pictures today, at her suggestion. In the end she only took nine pictures--and seven of them were of the same discarded Coke can!--but I got a few that are decent.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:35 pm
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[ profile] reannon and I and our kids went to the Missouri Botanical Garden yesterday with our cameras. It was a lovely lovely day, all the more so for being the second of November in the late afternoon. The light was golden, and the trees glowed with color.

More here
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[ profile] reannon alerted us to the fact that there are baby Amur tigers at the zoo. The zoo's female Amur tiger had a litter of five cubs on April 28, 2008. They've just started being out on exhibit in the last week or two.

Picture of the day:

More tiger babies...

Runner-up picture of the day:

More zoo pictures...
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Singing Tesla Coils may be the coolest thing ever invented.

Duckon has a great "mad science" track, and the singing tesla coils are the best thing among many great things. They were the thing I most regretted having missed at Dragon*con last year, but now, my desire for massive releases of electricity has been somewhat slaked.

Some very nifty pictures (if I can say so myself) are at Singing Tesla Coils.
I was playing with length of exposure, and some of these are nearly 2 second exposures. No tripod, and I was holding the camera above my head for a better angle...Surprisingly steady, actually. Yay me.


May. 18th, 2008 10:58 pm
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I spent my Republican Bribe on a new Digital SLR camera (a Sony Alpha 350 with 18-70 lens) and 4GB memory card. Today Rosa and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to see what we could see; I took the new Precious and I let her use our old Vivitar 3.1MP camera. Here are our results, mixed together (hers are tagged). Rosa has a pretty good eye, although her camera handling is inexpert. She got a lot of blurry shots, and a large number where the focus is in the background rather than on the subject of the photo. I didn't upload most of those.

The Sony is a very nice toy. Shiny, indeed. We chose it in part because the lenses would be (we tested it, they are) interchangeable with the Minolta film SLR that Chris already had, so instead of only one lens that came with the camera, I have access to three. Didn't take any others along today, though.

Karma being what it is, of course, the very day I'd just bought the camera, it became clear that Tammie's van was going to have to be replaced. Too many things wrong with it; it's getting to the stage of "throwing good money after bad". One of the things that's wrong is that the turn signal stick snapped off (a six hundred dollar repair, for gods' sake), which would garner traffic tickets. So we rented a car to postpone the decision a few days and have been frantically studying the car ads.

All while also trying to fit up the fourth bedroom upstairs as an office for her. Painting, desk construction, shelf hanging, etc.

ETA: Changed icon to a newly-created icon; image from the yesterset.
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Two months ago, to celebrate [ profile] scottak's birthday, we went to the St Louis Science Center's Marvel Superheroes exhibit. I tried to take pictures, but my camera's batteries were dead. So I stopped at the gift shop, paid an exorbitant amount for four cheap batteries, and put them in the camera.

Then we went to dinner at Dewey's Pizza on North and South, and to Star Clipper in the Loop.

A few days later, I wanted to take a picture of something and could not
find my camera. Searched the house as much as possible, checked the car,
no camera. I called both Dewey's and Star Clipper, but neither of them
had a camera.

I've been back to both places several times since, and have repeatedly asked about lost cameras. The time-before-last that we were at Dewey's, they told me a digital camera had been turned in, but it was a different brand. I berated myself ever since for taking their word for it. So the last time we went to Dewey's, I asked them to show me the camera. Sure enough, it's nothing like mine.

We cleaned the house from top to bottom. No sign of my camera at home.

So finally, although I was sure I had had the camera at both Dewey's and Star Clipper (I seem to remember taking some pictures at both locations), I went to the Science Center to ask them about it. They don't have it either.

I have to resign myself to the fact that I've lost something I paid over $700 for. Not to mention the hundred or more pictures.
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I just installed a photo gallery on my web domain (I can't say website,
since there's nothing at the top level except an under construction
notice), at All the photos currently on display have already been posted here;
they're from my 2003 trip to Peru.
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Isn't she just too cute! )
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Me with my new tragus piercing It's kind of fun to try to take a picture of yourself with the camera at arm's length. It took several tries to get one where I didn't cut my face in half. But this one's not half bad.

Exterior view of my house

One of the gorgeous painted glass windows in the living room. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's hard to take good pictures of light.

My new sacred creative space
Ditto, another angle
Ditto It's a small room, I couldn't get far enough away to get the whole room in fewer pictures.

Rosa's first snowfall...that she got to play in, anyway.

My tattoo No, I don't know what it means, if anything. It just came to me out of the blue one day, and after I had doodled it on my wrist with markers or pens for over six months, I decided I ought to make it permanent.

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I've had a couple disposable cameras hanging around the house for quite a while. I finally took them in to be developed the other day, picked them up yesterday, and looked at them just now. The one goes all the way back to Easter: there are some adorable pictures of Rosa on her first egg hunt. There is also a picture of my beloved Flora-cat lying dead on the floor. She died in April.

And there are pix from my September trips to Boston and Toronto, of Quinn and DevilMuse and Eponine. Miss you guys.


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