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Tammie has been following Charlaine Harris's "Southern Vampire" series, and I've read and enjoyed a few of the books as well. So when _TrueBlood_ showed up on HBO, based on that series, we set it to record on the DVR. We've now watched the first four episodes, and I can't say as I like it. [livejournal.com profile] octette and I had a conversation to this effect after I'd watched the first one, and I haven't much changed my opinion since. Read more... )
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We finally watched the Heroes season finale last night, and my suspension of disbelief hit a wall. Not on the superheroics or the Spoilers? )
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Next week we're promised "the answers to all your questions!" Here are
some of mine. Spoilers through Vol.2 Ch.7 _Out of Time_ )
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G4 channel's "Ninja Warrior". It's actually a Japanese competition/sporting event/game show: a four-stage obstacle course and test of strength and stamina. It's showing on marathon today. (Until end of programming tonight.)

I could claim the excuse that I'm watching it to practice my Japanese, and while it's true, it's really not the fascination. These guys--the ones who are really in it for the victory--are very impressively strong. There's a lot of amazing upper arm strength. Your heart goes out to them when their muscles fail at the last, just inches from the end, and they fall into the muddy water many feet below.

And then you have the minor celebrities in Japan doing it for the exposure or the laughs, and failing on the first obstacle. But even they earn credit for trying.

The frightening part is that we've been watching this long enough today to have fan favorites and remember the history of many of the competitors from one tournament to the next.
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I thought this week's episode (which we just watched last night--Hurray for the new DVR box!) captured the feel of the books somewhat better than the first one. Maybe because I've gotten more used to the changes (No basement apartment? No Blue Beetle? Constanza Murphy? Bob with a corporeal aspect? Harry sleeping with a diner waitress?) and was not being constantly shocked by a new change. Maybe because Murphy was far more involved in this story. Maybe because the idea of a mysterious magical artifact and body-jumping spirits is consistent with happenings in the books. Maybe because the first episode was too scattered, trying to stuff too much into 42 minutes.
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1) What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?
Being broadcast now? Battlestar Galactica
On DVD? Coupling and Firefly

2) What if any TV shows do you own on DVD?
Firefly, House, Babylon 5, Seaquest, Battlestar Galactica (both old &
new), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Coupling, Father Ted...probably more.

3) Can you name your favorite TV show theme song (I would encourage you
to make a phone post and sing it to us)?
"The Serenity Ballad"

4) Have you ever been on TV and if so for what?
Maybe for the 1982 state or national spelling bees.

5) What is your favorite YouTube video (feel free to post a link)?
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Work!Chris has been telling me for months that I should watch the last Firefly episode with the commentaries turned on because it "makes it a whole different episode". He's also said that there's a lot to be learned from the commentaries about the history of Earth-That-Was and
the colonization of the moons and planets.

Last night, I watched "Objects in Space" with Joss's commentary. While he discussed many interesting things about the theme of objects and their meaning that he'd been trying to portray in the episode, there wasn't a word about history.

Then I thought maybe I was misremembering Chris's recommendation and the history is in other commentaries. So I watched "The Message", with commentary by Alan Tudyk and Jewel Staite. Intermittently interesting, occasionally funny, but no new insights into the 'verse.

Which one is it that I should have watched? Anyone know?
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Tuesday nights on Fox at 8pm are becoming as "must-see" as SciFi Friday around our place. That's when "House" is on.

We watched the season-ender the other night. Spoilers )I'll be watching the season reruns as they're broadcast, and I'm sure we'll be owners of season one before long. I know I've missed some episodes; unfortunately 8:00 to 9:00 Tuesday conflicts with Rosa's bedtime ritual.

Unrelated aside: I can't possibly be the the only one anal enough that I make sure that my lj-cuts and /lj-cuts line up so as to produce sensible paragraphs and line-breakage in both the cut and the full-length versions.
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For the first time I was actually able to discuss a TV show with Joe. He
watches "House". He mentioned that the show makes a lot of allusions to
Sherlock Holmes, which I had failed to notice so far.

Must make a point of watching Tuesday's episode!
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I have a new theory about Battlestar Galactica's human-appearing cylons.
I don't know why I didn't think of it last season, but nonetheless,
I think... )


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