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May. 19th, 2017 12:08 pm
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Last week AJ invited me to a movie. "The Wall is playing at the Tivoli," he said. I said, "sure, why not," figuring it had been 25 years since I saw The Wall and I was pretty drunk at the time and barely remember it.

Last night we arrived at the theater, and the poster showed The Wall. Not quite the same thing at all. I was half glad I hadn't mentioned my thoughts out loud, for fear of sounding like an idiot, and half wished I had, so that we would have actually figured out we were talking about different movies.

We did watch it, though. It was a very bare-bones film, just one location and three characters, one of whom we never actually see. A psychological thriller viewed through the eyes of one man. My comment at the end was that despite the wide open desert of the set, it was oddly claustrophobic.

(Wow, there are some WEIRD reviews on that imdb listing.)

Last night was AJ's and my first ever actual sleepover--and all we did was sleep. Figures.

And now I need to locate my Pink Floyd CD's.
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It was a good weekend, even if I didn't get any closer to Chicago proper than Schaumburg.

Emma and Joey wanted to go up to see their families for her birthday, which is also his little sister's birthday (and the same day as Frodo and Bilbo as well). They had originally asked to borrow the car because they expected to have things to bring back, but not wanting to leave ourselves stranded in STL with just one car and Tammie off at The Grove for the weekend, as well as somewhat concerned about sending a newish driver off for a road trip with our car, and about whether or not he'd even be insured while driving it...we were disinclined to acquiesce to the request.

I had a brainstorm. We have these friends (Chris & Rob) up near Chicago...I could drive the kids and spend the weekend with my friends! Consultation with them produced gleeful squeeful agreement to the plan, so Friday night I collected the kids and off we went.

Saturday morning Chris wanted to go to kickboxing class; I said why not and went with her. Turned out to be boxing, full stop, no kicking involved. And it was FUN! Tape, gloves, the whole bit, punching a heavy bag for 40 minutes. I pretended it was Olivia I was punching in the face, and wasn't that delicious! That's a workout that strained some muscles that haven't been getting as much use with my running-biking-swimming routines. I can still feel the burning across my shoulders and upper chest. But I also learned how to hit to make it count, which I'd somehow managed to live 45 years without ever learning.

We went to see _The Butler_ after lunch. It was very good, very emotional (take tissues). A reminder of just how recent the history of civil rights actually is.

After dinner Chris and I went dancing with two of her friends for the last hurrah of a local gay bar that's now closed. Place was utterly packed, sold out of almost everything, and the music was pretty sucky. That said, it turns out that dancing is good for quite a few steps on the handy Fitbit: I had accrued 6600 steps for Sunday before I even went to bed Saturday night. Fi's idea of appropriate dancewear: sparkly black spaghetti strap dress (purchased at thrift store in Chapel Hill), striped rainbow-tiedyed knee socks, and motorcycle boots. I didn't get any pictures: wish I had. I did get a few compliments on my awesome socks.

Sunday morning we went to Gaylord Indian buffet for a yummy lunch and then spent 20 minutes in IKEA before I had to go get the kids and head home. Yes, it is possible. You have to skip the furniture altogether and go straight to the food market for cinnamon buns, jam, cookies and chocolate.

Love is.

Feb. 15th, 2009 01:05 pm
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Valentine's Day was a busy one for the Rivendell household. [ profile] lavendargrrl went to work at the yarn shop, and I logged in remotely and spent three hours or so working myself. Then I sneaked upstairs to wrap the supersecrets before [ profile] ohari, the Baby and I took ourselves to Poly Munch.

But not directly. I was driving, and Chris doled out the directions for the side trip as we went.

Chris: Go north on Kingshighway.

Me: Is it okay if I pick it up at Chippewa, or are we going somewhere between?

Chris: No, that's fine.

*drive drive drive*

Chris: Turn right at Vandeventer; go .4 mile. Turn right at Shaw; go 264 feet.

Me: Are we going to Gringo Jones or the Bug Store? Cause that's all there is right there...

Gringo Jones it was. My big Valentine's present is a new pair of griffins for the front steps, to replace the ones that went walkies three years ago during the time this house was being rented out. (Tenants said, "We never saw them!" Yeah right. But I discovered their absence after I'd already returned their deposit.) They weren't in stock and will have to be ordered, so we'll probably get them in mid-March. This time they will be epoxied to the porch, TYVM.

Stopped by the String Store to check in on Tammie and see if we could extricate her for the rest of the afternoon. String Store was bouncy with puppies (a 12-week-old chocolate lab/shepherd/something mix that Sandy is fostering, as well as her own two dogs), but we got Tammie out of there anyway.

Off to Munch, where we ran into Modrid whom I haven't seen in quite a while, as well as most of the Usual Suspects and [ profile] soraidh.

"Once you fall under the spell of Rivendell, forever shall it dominate your destiny..." - [ profile] reannon (Correct the quote, ekd, if you remember, cause I don't think this is quite right at the beginning.)

After much eating of not-very-good pizza, Rosa had a date with Daddy. They had a Valentine's Day reservation at White Castle. Yeah, the idea boggled my mind too. But in any case we dropped her off and took ourselves to our next event: Coraline at Ronnies. Where we bumped into and sat next to [ profile] tsita and her mystery date. *wink*

Before the movie, there was a text update from [ profile] transplantmom...we decided to invite her to join us for our dinner reservation after the movie.

Movie was fantastic, in the original sense as well as the modern one. We, or some subset of us, will be going back to take the Baby. Not as creepy as it could have been, but plenty of satisfactory creepiness.

Then dinner at Onesto, where the Valentine's Day theme was "Lady and the Tramp". Tables had been re-dressed in red and white checked tablecloths, chianti bottles with candles, the whole bit. There was a photographer doing pictures with a backdrop from the movie and bits of spaghetti for posing; of course we had one taken. Tammie convinced them to give us the file, so when that arrives I will post it for your delectation. The chef had come up with some fabulous specials and desserts. Dinner was lovely, and it was great that Selena was able to join us. Tammie and I had wild mushroom spaghetti, Selena had lobster and goat cheese not-ravioli (they were stuffed pasta, but I can't remember the correct name), and Chris had a pizza.

Just now, Chris and I got home from breakfast and a quick grocery trip, just in time for Rosa to arrive back from Daddy's house. Daddy has a date (woohoo!) so we're "babysitting". Baby and I are going to decorate sugar cookie hearts for Valentine's Day. Maybe there will be pictures later.

And after that I have to work some more. Being on jury duty this week has put me quite a bit behind on my project due Monday.
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(Last seen in [ profile] opalturtle's journal). When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride. Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

True love is the greatest thing in the world--except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe...they're so perky, I love that.

I couldn't pass this one up. Half our daily conversation is Princess Bride quotes. (Come to think of it, it's probably time to watch it again.)
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Waitress: possibly the best movie about pies ever made.

Nathan Fillion and pies. How can you lose.

Also, "Baby Don't You Cry (The Pie Song)". SQUEE!
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[ profile] tryslora declares today to be Quote a Joss Whedon show day!

Mal: It ain't all buttons and charts, little albatross. Do you know what the first rule of flying is? Well I suppose you do since you already know what I am about to say.
River: I do. But I'd like to hear you say it.
Mal: Love. You can learn all the math in the 'verse, but you take a boat in the air you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurting before she keens. Makes her a home.

Zoe: She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true.

(And of course the quote in my icon.)
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Short review: I generally agree with [ profile] ohari. Better by far than
Ep.I or Ep.II, but not on a par with Ep.V or Ep.VI. I'm not sure I'd
give it equivalent rating to Ep.IV either. Lucas's dialog evinces a case
of terminal Tin Ear Syndrome. But lots of juicy explosions and much less
of the feeling I'd had watching Ep.I and Ep.II that he had created
nothing more than a pastiche of the other three movies. Spoileriffic comments follow )
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I picked up a copy of the book at the mall the other day and leafed through
it. There was no sign of any of the creepy or scary stuff that was so
overwhelming in the movie.

Bizarre acrobat waiters? No.
Stern, almost threatening conductor? No.
Ghost hobo? No.
Lost ticket and implication of girl going to be thrown off the train? No.
Walk/climb/ski along the snow-covered roof? No.
Creepy leprechaun stoker? No.
Hundred-and-seventy-nine-degree decline? No.
Train skittering across a frozen lake? No.
Said lake ice breaking and the train nearly sinking? No.
Weird elves? No.

It was just a sweet story with some nice pictures. The text was so plain it
was almost boring. So where did the producers get all the rest of that?
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I took Rosa to the company Kids' Holiday event Saturday: a private showing
of _The Polar Express_. For a basically sweet story that could be summed up
in a single sentence (Boy who is losing faith in Santa Claus gets a
faith-restoring trip to the North Pole), it's got a disturbing undercurrent
of creepy and scary. This may have been exacerbated by the fact that we were
sitting in the third row, at her request, but Rosa was frankly terrified in
parts, and kept asking to be taken home. I should have listened to her.

No one actually gets hurt in any way, but there are a number of near-miss
disasters involving the eponymous train: a frozen lake over the tracks, the
calamitous cracking of that same ice, a very steep rollercoasterish decline,
rocking back and forth of the locomotive with small children on it. The
central character spends much of the trip on the outside of the
snow-and-ice-covered train. I was scared myself.

Also, most of the adult characters from the train conductor to a ghostly
hobo to the engineer and stoker to the North Pole denizen elves, are
slightly creepy in either appearance or behavior. It's mostly the tones of
voice, I guess, but I kept reading anger and threat into their words and
postures. While one elf encourages a boy to trust him, his body language
says "I'm going to steal your present."

On the other hand, the animation is gorgeous and, as I said at the
beginning, the basic story is awfully sweet. Maybe the problem was that the
movie is directed to older children who are at the end of the Santa
Claus stage, say eight or nine, rather than Rosa's five, and someone thinks
older children need more "suspense". I felt cheated, though; I had expected
sweet and cuddly, and I got creepy and nerve-jangling.

Ray apparently has a copy of the original book. I've never read it; I'm
interested to see whether the creepiness is in the book, too, or whether it
was introduced by the filmmakers. Rosa told me he had put it away somewhere
because "it was too long".

She's never believed in Santa Claus, actually; she's scared of mall santas.
I ask her every year, but she always refuses to go visit Santa. After the
movie, I asked her if Santa was real. She said something interesting. She
said, "He's real but it's just a man in a costume." I'm not sure whether
that meant that a) obviously there's a real man in that costume, or b)
there's a real "santa spirit" but Santa himself isn't real or c) who knows
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Last night I went to see Monsoon Wedding, for no particular reason other than that I'd never seen an Indian movie before and it sounded interesting. I had asked wombat opinions of seven movies altogether, and received recommendations for most of them. The other six remain on my movies-to-see list, but whether I get a chance to view them before they leave the theaters is questionable.

It explored the meshing of modern Indian, ancient Indian, and American cultures; the impact on a family of horrific revelations; and the meaning of the word "family" itself, all while containing not one but two shy romances. The characters seemed real, with real aspirations, feelings, and opinions.

And the dialogue amused me greatly. It switches from English to one or more Indian dialects (Punjabi, I believe, and maybe Hindi, according to another reviewer) often mid-utterance and even mid-sentence. That is only too accurate of groups of bilingual people: I've seen the same thing happen with my Hispanic ex-in-laws and their friends, or in the group of American students in Japan that I was part of.

And before I went...Oh, I've been floating all day on this one...Jen asked me if I'd like her to come over and stay Saturday night before we go to the RenFaire Sunday. Yes, yes, absolutely yes.
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I wanted to see Death to Smoochy at the discount theatre near work. It turned out to be showing only at 9:15, so I wasted the intervening three hours by going shopping at the mall. On a whim I went to Wilson's Leathers, and found a clearance sale: 50% off the lowest marked price. The selection was very picked over, and there were very few sizes available, but I got a black leather miniskirt and a blood-red leather bodice for a total of $40 (original price would have been closer to $200). Then I went to Hot Topic looking for shoes. They only had two pairs even close to my size, but one was too small and the other too big. I went to Supermarket of Shoes instead and found a pair of shoes and a pair of boots, again both on sale. After that I went and splurged all the savings and then some, buying Rosa the beginnings of a summer wardrobe. Doorknobs for my new doors, which are due to be installed tomorrow and Friday, a frozen custard sundae, and it was time to go to the movie.

I quite enjoyed it. It had that dark comedy vibe that amuses me more than straight comedy. Like Heathers, people were getting killed all over the place, but it was funny. And the whole premise was so completely absurd: jealousy over the kids' show crown.


Apr. 12th, 2002 08:51 am
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I just received a notification from Amazon that the Fellowship of the Ring DVD is available for preorder.
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Went to see Lord of the Rings again: this makes the fourth time. I was surprised to find that I didn't cry, even though I had every time before. And I got to see the Two Towers preview, yay! It appeared to feature Arwen, and for the life of me I can't figure out how they'll bring her into it, unless in a flashback.

The theater was nearly deserted: there were three other people, perhaps four, in the whole auditorium, and I saw no one else in the lobby either.
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I was looking forward to seeing Christine tonight: she called yesterday to ask me for help with her Palm Pilot (it didn't want to communicate with the PC), and I said I'd come over and look into it. She just called to say that Kirk has fixed the problem, and she's really too busy to just hang out and talk. So I have decided to stay away from the computer tonight until late, and go out shopping and to see Lord of the Rings again. I want to see the Two Towers trailer.

I am going to try to wean myself from Wednesday night gaming permanently. I had so much more time to accomplish things when I was not playing three nights a week. I feel like all my free time (and some that really isn't very free) is going to gaming. While I really love it, I just can't afford to tie myself up so much.
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I finally got my dvd player hooked up to my new TV last night, after going to Radio Shack on Sunday and buying a component-video cable. Neither the player nor the TV came with cables--and after buying one, I knew why. The cable cost forty dollars! Hard to sell a dvd player for under a hundred dollars if you've included a forty-dollar cable. Anyway, I hooked it all up, and put in a disk, which I had also bought Sunday.

It displayed in black and white. That wasn't good. I looked through both user manuals and discovered that if I was getting component video input the TV would display "Component". It was displaying "Video" instead. Hmmm, maybe my cables weren't connected quite right. I crawled back behind the TV and found that the green cable was not fully attached. Aha! This time when I turned the TV back on, I had beautiful color.

The movie was Drop Dead Gorgeous which was recommended by [ profile] aliciar. I didn't find it quite as laugh-out-loud funny as she did, but then I rarely laugh out loud when I'm alone. It always seems to take a feedback loop with at least one other person to get me to do that. It did however remind me very much of Heathers, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I think I'll be watching it again. Now to find But I'm a Cheerleader, which Al also recommended and I had been wanting to see anyway.

Time to start a Movies I Must See list, and/or a Movies I Must Own list.

Also time to connect the VCR so I can watch Heathers again.
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Picture the scene...frustrated and horny little bisexual redhead Fiona goes looking for a lesbian porn video. Read more... )
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I stayed up late last night to watch this on video. But I can't quite decide what I thought of it. I didn't find it "hilarious" or "in the tradition of Rocky Horror" as the blurbs on the package said. Quite to the contrary. It made me feel sad, and I'm still not quite sure what even happened in the end.


Dec. 27th, 2001 08:42 pm
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I signed all the papers to finance the house in my own name, and Ray signed a quitclaim deed. It's all mine, now! He tried to throw a fit because the amount that is going to be disbursed from the loan is slightly less than 1/2 the equity in the house. I told him I did that so that I could save a little on the interest, and I would give him a check for the balance. He just kept fussing at me, until I wrote him said check. That shut him up.
After the paperwork was done, I went to see Lord of the Rings again, and as I had hoped, I was able to concentrate more on the movie for itself and less on the differences or correspondences with the novel. I went with my lovely Jen, for what was also her second viewing, and we held hands for the whole three hours. (All in chorus now, "Awwww!") My instant reaction to this viewing: "My what a lot of beautiful men!" complete with a wistful look.
Jen is so much fun to be around. We laugh and giggle over all kinds of things, and make up absurdly funny things for our characters to do that never actually happen in game. I do wish we had more time together, or that she would take me seriously when I suggest she move in with me. I don't quite know why but she evades the issue. On the way home I considered just asking for an effort toward one day a week.
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I haven't said anything today, been too busy living to write about it. ::grin:: Let's see, what did I do today.
I got up to do morning pages, but owing to being awakened at 2:00 by a car alarm that went off in a piercing continuous tone for ten full minutes, and actually getting out of bed to investigate in case it was a fire alarm, I didn't get up right away when the alarm clock went off. I got up at seven, started writing, and Rosa woke up half-way through. So then I had to feed, clothe, and entertain her until Ray arrived at 10:30 to pick her up. I finally wrote the other page and a half then, and it was actually good because I was much more awake and able to concentrate on what I was doing. That's when I found the affirmations.
At 1:00 I left to go meet Marina and Drew and see Lord of the Rings, and thus the subject line. I was on the edge of my chair for three hours--and I've read the books 30 times! Further comments in another post, and I'll hide them in an lj-cut. I'm too tired tonight.
After the movie I hung out at their house for a while, talking about the movie, books, other movies, politics, etc etc. Marina is pregnant and wasn't feeling well, so I mostly talked to Drew. He and I seem to share the same tastes in books and movies (we're always swapping recommendations and lending each other things to read) so I quite enjoy talking to him.
I'll see them again Tuesday for Christmas dinner and presents.
And just for dessert before bed, a little IM conversation with Liz and another with Jay. And dj too. To top off a very good day.


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