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I did.

The picture is a link however you can click HERE as well
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Last night I learned that one of my fellow chorus members died suddenly. I don't know what happened.

Today I learned that my yoga teacher's fiancé died suddenly. Shot during a robbery.

I didn't know either of them super well, but I am close to a lot of people who did, and I'm feeling shaken and subdued.

No more, please, thanks universe.
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How to get my primary vote, in approximate descending order of importance.

- Don't be a bigot (racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe, etc)
- Have visible, strong support from POC and other minorities
- Surround yourself with intelligent, diverse staff
- Have actual plans and ideas on how to implement them
- Don't be a white dude (it's past time for white dudes to take a step back)

If multiple people pass this far, then YAY, spoiled for choice!

How to get my general election vote:

- Have a D beside your name on the ballot
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My second surgery is over (last Thursday), all went well, and I am writing this to you without glasses on. I feel like the brighter my surroundings are, the better I can see. I think it's for the same reason you see better when you squint: if my pupils are smaller the focus is more concentrated. Upshot is, I can see well enough to drive without glasses in the daytime, but not at night. So far I've either stayed home at night or gotten rides, but I ordered a pair of -1 diopter nearsighted cheater glasses, and they should have arrived by the time I get home, so hopefully I'll be able to drive myself to chorus practice.


Speaking of "hopefully": why is it that language purists get so het up about that one word and want people to use ridiculous stilted circumlocutions like "it is to be hoped that"?

It's just one instance of a perfectly common usage of adverbs: they don't modify anything specific in the sentence but instead express the overall mood of the whole sentence.

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

"Sadly, there's no way I can get that done on time."

"Unfortunately, you are not a winner."


In the grand scheme of things (i.e. the overall prevalence of misogyny in the medical system), I suppose it's not a big deal. But it's denial of agency and refusal to take a woman's word on her stated knowledge of her own body.

I have now had three procedures this year that involved anesthesia. And prior to every single one, I had to give a urine sample so they could test for pregnancy. Never mind that I knew for a definite and irrefutable fact that I was not and could not be pregnant and told them so[*]. If I refuse to give the urine sample, no procedure. One nurse even said, "You could be a nun. The anesthesiologists still require it."

[*] And yes, I know there are women who don't know they are pregnant until quite late in the pregnancy. And that there are far too many women who are ignorant of the basic mechanics (for which I blame the religious nutjobs). So yes, there are reasons. Still, if I am willing to sign a document that states that I have not had PIV sex (or any sex involving a penis, if you want to be extra careful) since my last period--why not accept that?


In other news, Tammie has gotten a painting bug. She has bought a bunch of acrylic paints and a load of canvases (some of them VERY LARGE) and has been a painting fiend for the last few weeks. It's fun to watch her, but I'm feeling like we should finish some of the quilts we were working on in December/January--or at least put away the sewing chaos that has taken over the living room. I want to finish mine at least, though. But we don't have a big enough table nor enough clear floorspace to lay it out and make the quilt/batting/backing sandwich so we need to take it to the local sewing shop and use theirs. Maybe this weekend.

She is like this: she gets very enthusiastic about a project, and works on it feverishly for some time, and then the enthusiasm fades or she gets a new enthusiasm, and a lot of unfinished projects are the result.

Admittedly, I'm the same, so I shouldn't really judge. (And there's another of those adverbs.)
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  1. Citizen Illegal, Jose Olivarez

  2. Exit Strategy, Martha Wells

  3. Dumplin', Julie Murphy

  4. Shameless, Nadia Bolz-Weber

  5. Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018, N K Jemisin (ed)
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I had cataract removal surgery on my left eye today. It was scary and difficult but thankfully over quickly. And when it was done and I looked at the world without my glasses on, I could read the words on a juice can from three feet away. If I covered my right eye, it was even better. You hafta realize that up to last night, I was holding my phone three inches from my face to read it. This is like magic.

Because the right eye still needs a lot of correction, they gave me a contact to wear until I get the surgery on it, two weeks from now.

I am now trying to get used to my face without glasses. It's very weird. Previously I couldn't see my whole face if I wasn't wearing glasses: I'd lean super close to mirrors to put on eye makeup so all I could see would be the one eye, and I've not worn contacts for at least a decade either.
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What has Fiona learned from that trope ranking quiz?

1. I can't choose just one favorite. The top 2/3 of the list )

2. Basically I like everything until you get to the bottom two items in the list (Hogwarts AU is only so far down because I read a ton of actual Hogwarts fic, so when I'm stepping out into another fandom I would just as soon it didn't cross over. But I don't hate it.)

3. But I really dislike "everyone is evil" and A/B/O. Which I already knew. The bottom 1/3 of the list )

Still, this exercise might be useful for generating prompts or dear-creator letters...
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My day got completely upended today (not in a bad way).

I'd just arrived at work and settled in, when I got a text from Rose. "Can someone take me to the art museum at 10? I have a field trip but no transportation." After a bit of, "advance notice would have been nice", I grabbed my coat and went to get her and take her to the museum. It was 9:08 when I left here; we got to SLAM at 10:02. An hour later, she texted that they were done, we shared a sandwich at the cafe and then I took her back to school and myself back to work. And here I am, having had a random three hour break in my morning.
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I posted a new podfic last night. Totally not pertinent to any of the three sets of deadlines for fests I am currently participating in, but sometimes the muse takes you where she will. Also, this random stock photo I used for the cover art is now my headcanon image for Fiona.

Title: Her Brother's Keeper
Author: Serenade
Fandom: The Chronicles of Amber (Roger Zelazny)
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Characters: Fiona, Bleys, Brand
Author's original summary: Fiona has always taken care of her brothers.
Length: 0:13:56

Her Brother's Keeper

PS: [personal profile] amberite, the original story was written for you, so you might especially enjoy it in a new format.
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If anyone's paying attention they might have noticed I haven't actually done the challenge myself since the first week, so uh...

Today's characters are:

CharCordelia ChaseMulan
FandomAngelOnce Upon a Time
NotesPopular ditz turned supernatural detective. Speaks her mind.Legendary warrior, wielder of the most powerful sword in all the realms. Loves men, loves women, doesn't know what a 'movie' is.
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I am ridiculously pleased to have found my wand pen. I thought I had lost it.
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From [community profile] thefridayfive:

1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed?

King plus twin xl, all shoved up together. Chris sleeps on the twin, Tammie and I share the king.

2. How many pillows do you sleep with?

As many as I can get. Three or four under my head (usually at least one has fallen down behind the bed and I have fewer) and a special support one between my knees.

3. Do you have a weighted blanket? If so, does it help you?

I don't, although I kind of want one. Our new quilt is pretty heavy but not actually weighted, and it helps. Chris has one that Tammie and I just finished for him (after about two years of in-progress) and he loves it.

4. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?

Yes. The bed is full of stuffies, but my especial one is a green tie-dyed triceratops named Leelanau after the peninsula in Michigan where we vacation. She mostly gets called Leeloo (as in Leeloo Dallas Multi-Pass). Tammie has an elephant named Jerome (after nothing in particular, he just looked like a Jerome), and Chris has an assortment of mooses, all named variations on Moose: Moose-lissa, Chrismoose, etc. There's also a big fuzzy bear, creatively named Barry.

5. Do you have to have the TV on to go to sleep?

Hell to the no. No TV, no music, no audiobooks. I can't sleep with anything that has words or melodies my mind will try to follow. I prefer no noise at all, but we compromise on wave sounds or rain sounds. I hate mechanical white noise, so I get really grumpy in the summer when the air conditioner and/or fan have to be on.
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(There was no week 3) Sneaking today's post in just under the wire...

Today's cards:

CharRed SonjaMarceline, Vampire Queen
FandomComicsAdventure Time
NotesFemale barbarian warrior. Basically invented the chainmail bikini.Flannel-wearing vampire. Drinks red things and fronts a great indie band. Sometimes she wigs out and becomes a massive bat-monster, but usually she is legit.
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  1. Unsheltered, Barbara Kingsolver

  2. Madame Victoria, Catherine Leroux

  3. In Other Lands, Sarah Rees Brennan

  4. Ghost Wall, Sarah Moss

  5. Finding Again the World, John Metcalf

  6. Brides in the Sky, Cary Holladay

  7. Evil Things, Katja Ivar


Jan. 29th, 2019 02:24 pm
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Missed posting the Sunday Slash the Game challenge this week, and didn't do my entry for last week's challenge yet either, so skipping it until Sunday. But if anyone wants to play, there are collections on AO3. Hoping this week gives some characters I know a bit more about.

Posted a new podfic "The Year of Non-Magical Thinking" (Drarry, explicit, 1:30:00) the other day. I originally started it in October, then set it aside to fulfill some fest obligations, and then my family bought me a new mic for Christmas. So I re-recorded all of it with the new mic and now it's finished, yay!

First Figure Drawing class last night went well, after a very frustrating fifteen minutes or so trying to find 1) the building itself (I went around the block twice and into two different *wrong* parking lots before finding the right one) 2) the way into the building (I walked most of the way around to find the front door--all others were locked--carrying 10 pounds or so of art materials on a very cold winter night) and 3) the classroom once inside. I have a long way to go before I'll be happy with what I'm producing. Our model (male) had the longest ballsack I've ever seen, and I've seen a fair few men naked.

Haven't had (or created) an opportunity to work on my fic for a couple weeks now, and I'm starting to worry that I'm going to lose momentum.

ChoirChorus practice continues well. I still don't understand the distinction that people make on this: if a group of people sing together, aren't they a choir? Why are we a chorus and not a choir?

My parents are planning to come down for the concert in April, which I am pleased about: they have yet to see me/us perform. But ye gods and little fishes, do we have a lot of house cleaning to do between now and then.

Tammie has convinced me to join her in an online class called "The Dance of the Muse and the Critic" that's supposed to help engage one's creativity without all the self-negativity that can stopper up the flow.
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Today's Slash cards for the challenge (create a fanwork of any kind, any length containing these characters):

CharTomax and XamotNemesis
FandomG.I.JoeResident Evil
NotesEvil twins who can feel each other's pain. Super wealthy, possess wicked facial scars.Bio-engineered weapon infected by a zombie-like virus! Smart, savage, carries a bazooka and "Is Invincible."

AO3 collection here
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Testing email posting, and also showing off the quilt that Tammie and I recently finished. We've been sleeping under it for most of a week now.

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I created an AO3 collection for my Slash: the Game: The Challenge (introduced here) I'll make a new subcollection each week. Here'sthis week's collection.
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V’Ger scanned the deck of the Enterprise and noticed something anomalous. It circled Jaime with an energy beam and scanned her again.


But I am, she replied. I am like you and also not like you. I am of the Creator race but I am also created, like you


I was changed by others of the Creator race to be stronger and parts of me are made of metal now, like you. But these are our parents, she said, indicating the Enterprise crew around her.



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