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Yesterday evening, I wanted to go to the fitness room and exercise. It'd been about two weeks since I'd worked out there, although I have gone on several mile-long walks with Rosa and/or Tammie in the meantime.

I changed into my gym clothes, jumped on the treadmill, and--excuse me while I am proud of myself and pleased with my becoming more fit--ran one mile and walked two more. Then I was stinky and sweaty, so I went to take a shower. I got all my clothes off and discovered...I didn't have a towel. D'oh number 1. It was in the back of the car. But at that point, I decided to go ahead with the shower. I used a combination of my (clean) yoga pants and a stack of paper towels to (mostly) dry myself. I will state for the record that neither of these is at all efficient for drying one's body after a shower.

After that, it was too late to go to Knit Knight, so I went ahead to the restaurant for Post-String Dinner. A new place this time, Bruno's at Hampton and Watson. Told them we'd be six or eight, was seated at a table, and ordered a soda. After I talked to Keeley and learned that she'd lost Chris, I realized he had gone home to get Tammie, who was carless. Which since I was early I should have thought of. D'oh number 2.

A while after dinner Tammie and I went for another walk in the neighborhood, about 2.25 miles. That means I walked and/or ran FIVE miles yesterday. Go me!!! I'm feeling it today, though. I ache all over.
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I got up this morning, picked out a pretty top & skirt set, and made my way to work, stopping at Walmart to correct a bagging error (some things we bought didn't get home with us) and return some unwanted items. I started to notice that the elastic waistband of my skirt was blown out, and resolved to pin it up with the safety pin that was conveniently located for the purpose in the very waistband.

After I got to my desk and sat down, I noticed a huge gaping hole in my skirt about ten inches below the waistband. Srsly, it was about six inches long and opened to six inches wide. Meep.

Grabbed a stapler and ducked into the bathroom. Now I have an odd-looking gather in the middle of the front, but at least my coworkers won't be seeing my underwear.
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Two months ago, to celebrate [ profile] scottak's birthday, we went to the St Louis Science Center's Marvel Superheroes exhibit. I tried to take pictures, but my camera's batteries were dead. So I stopped at the gift shop, paid an exorbitant amount for four cheap batteries, and put them in the camera.

Then we went to dinner at Dewey's Pizza on North and South, and to Star Clipper in the Loop.

A few days later, I wanted to take a picture of something and could not
find my camera. Searched the house as much as possible, checked the car,
no camera. I called both Dewey's and Star Clipper, but neither of them
had a camera.

I've been back to both places several times since, and have repeatedly asked about lost cameras. The time-before-last that we were at Dewey's, they told me a digital camera had been turned in, but it was a different brand. I berated myself ever since for taking their word for it. So the last time we went to Dewey's, I asked them to show me the camera. Sure enough, it's nothing like mine.

We cleaned the house from top to bottom. No sign of my camera at home.

So finally, although I was sure I had had the camera at both Dewey's and Star Clipper (I seem to remember taking some pictures at both locations), I went to the Science Center to ask them about it. They don't have it either.

I have to resign myself to the fact that I've lost something I paid over $700 for. Not to mention the hundred or more pictures.
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Yesterday, for possibly the first time in seven or eight years, I had to use a payphone. I'd left home without my cellphone because I couldn't find it when I was leaving and didn't have time to search (turns out Chris had plugged it in). Then I was stuck at work late and rushed out without taking time to call home. On the one night we had made dinner reservations for seven o'clock: to celebrate the assiversary1 of our meeting [ profile] ona_tangent and [ profile] scottak.

So I found a functional payphone at the Shell station, dug five dimes out of my door-handle change repository, and dialed the phone on auto-pilot. Only to hear "You have reached Andy Blank of $OLD_EMPLOYER.Chris." Hang up in a hurry, run back to the car and dig around for five more dimes, start over. Sigh.

1 One year ago this week, Chris grabbed her ass in the string store.
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Good: Tammie and I have been to two roller derby practices with the Arch Rival Roller Girls this week. They've been very welcoming and very encouraging about our chances to gain the needed skills.

Bad: My knees and ass have lovely big bruises to show for it, and I'm sore in just about every muscle I own. Frighteningly, that's from only partial practices. Monday we skipped the strength training and did some simple skate drills (which accounts for the bruises), and Tuesday we did the strength training--or as much of it as our muscles would stand--but skipped the skating on account of a) it was going to be more advanced than we felt ready for and b) Chris was at home watching Rosa and didn't feel well. The plan is to go back on Thursday for more punishment.

Unknown: After a week of practices, we'll hopefully have a good idea of whether we can take this. Whether or not we actually have the time to devote three nights a week to skate practice is another open question.

Good: Finished foiling the glass for Conflation last night
Bad: My fingers are all sliced up
Good: Acupuncture appointment this morning
Bad: Fuel gauge idiot light was on
Good: Winning $6 scratcher ticket
Bad: The gas station clerk obliterated the validation numbers on the ticket and after waiting fifteen minutes or so while she called the Lottery to try to pay it, in the end I have to take the stupid thing to the Lottery office to claim my six bucks
Worse: Zooming to work late, I got a traffic ticket

I'm the man with the gun: Last night/this morning I had a weird dream featuring Ray. I was with Rosa somewhere: a shopping mall or similar; there were a lot of people around. Ray came in with two guys I didn't know, who said they were going to rob the place. He gave them a handgun to use for the robbery. It turned into a hostage situation...but the only thing I found myself thinking was "If we get out of this alive, I'll have sole a firearm to someone to use in a crime is a felony." (Of course, being as I could identify him, I probably wasn't going to be allowed to survive the experience, but I didn't think that during the dream.)
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Why do I bother to post by email if I'm so anal-retentive that I have to
check LJ immediately to make sure the post arrived and I can't stand to
leave the posts formatted as they default (weird line breaks R us)?
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About 7:40 this morning, I jumped up out of my chair thinking "Gotta wake up the Baby!" I walked into her room, noticed the big lump under her bedspread near the wall where she always sleeps, and sat down gently on the bed. I reached out to cuddle her awake...and it's just a big pile of pillows. Rosa was at daddy's this morning.


Nov. 13th, 2006 01:01 pm
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Today has not been my day for coffee. Tammie made me a cup of coffee at home this morning and put it on top of my car for me to take into the car with me when I got in. She told me she'd done it. Not sixty seconds later, I got into my car, closed the door, and started to drive away. Ten seconds after that, I remembered the coffee and came to a stop. Coffee cup fell over, and coffee showered my windshield and driver's side window.

Tammie was just getting ready to pull out of her own parking place; she saw that I had had a catastrophe and stopped. She gave me half of her own coffee to replace that which was now decorating the outside of the Dykemobile, and we each drove away.

The replacement coffee tried to kill me. I swallowed wrong, and then I hacked and choked for nearly a minute, eyes watering frantically and lungs gasping.

I now have a newly made cup of Irish Crème coffee. I can only hope this one will treat me better.
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Well, I feel like a dork. A reminder popped up in my Outlook calendar a
bit ago to tell me about "Conversations with the CEO" at noon. I ignored
it for a few minutes, and then when it got to be 12:02 I dashed off
downstairs to the appointment. I couldn't find a meeting room anywhere
with lunching coworkers or a CEO in it. Finally I decided to go back to
my desk and check the location.

I was in the right place. Only it's tomorrow.

I keep thinking of Rosa saying "I feel sheepish" and banging her head on
the back of the car seat in front of her. I'd be embarrassed, except no
one knows but me. (And now all of you.)
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I just went to the grocery store to buy a few things, got all the way through checkout and discovered my wallet was not in my purse. I had to have them hold my purchases and drive home to get my wallet.


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